Saturday, December 29, 2007

last post of '07

Well, I assume it'll be the last post I make this year. I'm headed to Seattle for New Year's (a dry one most likely seeing as Cec. doesn't drink and I hate drinking alone). It'll be good to not be home... not be on the couch thinking about how this year hasn't been a stellar one.

MyAndrew called this morning and invited me to a party tonight; I don't think I'll go. In fact, I know I won't.

I'm staring at that 500GB hard drive I bought on a whim and am thinking I need to return it. Should I trust the reviews I've been reading (mostly by PC owners... mostly negative) or just lump it and take a chance? I'd say the feedback has been 50/50 and most of the reviews from Mac users has been positive, so yeah, I'll probably keep it. I want to try to extend the life of this laptop a little longer since I've been told there's going to be "cool new stuff for Mac next year!" As is the case. I'll wait to get my new laptop until early next year.

My face is being mutinous. I tried that sample of very expensive facial cream (no, not eye cream) last night and woke up to a swollen right eye (hives). I also have a massive zit on my chin... makes me look like more of a witch than I already am... I've got a good day and a half until I need to look kissable (for NYE, natch) so there is hope.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

b-ball rollin' silver and gold

Last night was interesting... I had already mapped out my evening's entertainment (via when I got a call from the Yacobuccis. They invited me over for Christmas but when I never got a phone call with the date and time (funny story, will recount later), I figured the phone call was a kind of confrontational, "where were you?" but it was in actuality an invitation to the Nuggets vs. Bucks game.

Mind you I had lost my head earlier in the day and went to the mall for the day-after sales (and was grossly disappointed that all the good holiday clearance stuff had already been cleared out -- mainly these cards I wanted to get at Urban Outfitters for half off... all gone). I was exhausted when the phone rang... I was half-asleep on the couch and wasn't able to get up and check the message for a good 30 minutes. Anyhow, I haven't really been hanging out with anyone since I've finished work. I've been indulging myself in self-pity and low self-esteem and have been in a sort of self-imposed exile but the phone works both ways and it hasn't really been ringing much anyway. SO, my initial reaction was to stay in on the couch but I went to the game (where we had FLOOR SEATS!) and had a very good time. Annie and I walked home after, hitting up Vita and the "Ping Pong Bar" on the way... we talked, more than we have for the past year, and it was just a great night.

As a side note it struck me as odd that a basketball court is actually quite small -- true, the players are freak-giants so everything looks smaller in comparison, but even before they ran onto the court, when the cheerleaders were doing their thing, everything looked so much smaller... the baskets looked lower and the depth of the court wasn't as grand as it appears on TV. Maybe it was just a weird perspective thing, I don't know, but that was what I took away from the game...

In other news I got a Christmas card from the wife of one of my employers! I hate to sound cheesy about it but it was a very pleasant surprise. Tracy is someone I've always wanted to hang out with -- she was grossly pregnant on the tour we did four years ago so she wasn't drinking or hanging out much, but I could tell she was incredibly smart and funny and would be someone I'd like to have as a friend. Anyhow she rather threw down the gauntlet and challenged me to "get this friendship off the ground!" Yay. It's just interesting how the universe works, you know? I've been feeling quite down about my friends in Denver -- that they tend to let me down but that I can't cut the cords because I've got history with these people. I've been wanting to meet new people -- people who are courteous and kind and I went to a knitting group and met a group of women who are that and more. I was thinking that Tracy is just the kind of person I'd like to call a friend and she sent me a Christmas card and expressed the same sentiment.

I don't know. Things are going to be good in '08... I just have a feeling about it.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

happy birthday jesus?

It's snowing. My home is filled with the brightest light on the greyest of days. I love how quiet the world is when insulated by snowfall.

I really just wanted to post a photo of the beautiful cappuccino I had at La Colomb in NY last week. I wish I had a photo of the pastry I ate, alas it didn't last long -- it was THAT good.

I'm going to resume the movie watching now. Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2007

knitting ocd

I made hats for Kevin and Robert. While we were all in NY, I dragged them out to Purl Soho because I'd never been there -- just their online shop. I was shocked at the tweeness of the shop -- it's just big enough for a dining room table (where they encourage knitting). All the yarn is stacked in 12x12 box shelves from floor to ceiling -- arranged by color. It's just a stunning little store. The fabric shop (which I had to skip on account of the boys, gay as they are, because their eyes were starting to glaze over) was just a couple of doors down. I'll go there next time.

So, I got motivated the last two days and made one hat per day. Robert choose this beautiful chocolatey-brown baby alpaca and Kevin went for black (so practical). Here are the hats... I did the sinful thing and tried them on to take photos. I don't know why I'm so weird about that... it's just a hat and I know I don't have lice or anything, but it does gross me out.

Eh, it's Christmas Eve. I don't celebrate so I've got a stack of rented videos (good ones like "Sherry Baby" and "Little Children" and drek like "Music & Lyrics" so I can get my Hugh Grant fix). I also have The Sweeney boxset to get through, but I might have to save those for Christmas day.

Countdown on to Seattle. Yay!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Not for me, but the movie (even though I do have a list of things to atone for, most recently stiffing that cabbie in NY). I read the book when it came out and swiftly forgot everything about it. Lors called me and asked if I'd like to go to a movie and I was surprised that he chose "Atonement" so I happily agreed to meet up.

I was a mess for the rest of the day. Everything about the plot came back to me in a rush; even though I knew how the movie would end, it was filmed beautifully and I got completely wrapped up in the plot. It was such a great movie (for a war film, no less). I'm still a little weepy just thinking about it... I might have to revisit the book even though I've got "Saturday" on the shelf unread. Decisions, decisions.

I received a couple of lovely emails (yes, email) unexpectedly yesterday and today. The first, from a friend I missed in NY with a casual, "I miss ya" at the end. It made me sad that I didn't stay longer to catch up in person. The second email was from a close friend's partner -- I was under the impression that I was persona non grata in her opinion, but I suppose I was wrong. I'd been given bad information by a 3rd party (i.e. gossip) regarding her feelings towards me and took it for the truth. I'm going to try not to get caught up in rumors and gossip next year -- I think it will save me a load of grief.

In other news I'm headed to Seattle for New Year's! I get to spend some (not really quality) time with Cec before she begins a new quarter at the Uni. I know she's been stressed out and I wish I could do something to help her out, but short of doing her schoolwork and sitting in on exams for her, I can only sit and listen when she's stressed out. I feel really horrible that school is kicking her butt so badly, but I really respect her desire to get good marks. I'm a mediocre student, at best -- read: lazy. I have a thirst for knowledge, but take exception to the bureaucracy of higher learning. I breezed through all my degrees with decent grades, but I could've done better had I put a little effort at all into the work. Oh well, lesson learned should I ever make a return to school...

I'm making green chili today. It's cold outside; there was a call for soup.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

fly away home

Oh, New York was amazing! I tried to stay longer, but United wasn't cooperating... they asked me if I realized it was "Christmas week" and then said that they could only guarantee I'd make it to DC if I decided to stay few more days. Bastards. I was going to try to volunteer for my flight, but I had a transportation mishap on my way to LGA and went one stop too far on the subway... hence, I had to take a cab the rest of the way (about 10 minutes) or possibly miss my flight. SO, my plan was to pay by credit card and keep my $6 to buy food on the plane, but the driver (who was blahblahing on his cell phone the entire way and driving all crazy, as they do) insisted his credit card reader was broken (but I'd been warned that cabbies have to shell out 5% of their fare on charges and they almost always say their card readers are broken). So I stiffed him... only half deliberately. I went straight to my gate and bypassed the ATM in the food court. I am definitely going to hell.

Anyhow, I couldn't volunteer at the gate until the agents showed up... at which point, they did ask for volunteers and I missed out by 2 people. Oh well, instant karma is a bitch but I was happy to get home.

Vegas was incredibly cold. I didn't like that. This is what my morning looked like (on the way to DEN):

The 40-minute drive took over 2 hours.

When I got to Vegas, I was so stressed out from the drive that all I wanted to do was sleep... and so I did. The one great thing about the Luxor is that the casino is on the ground floor -- under the main floor of the hotel. It's actually very quiet in the rooms. I've only stayed at the Hard Rock and the Alexis Park (both relatively noisy places) so this was a new experience. The beds, unfortunately, were not nice. I slept soundly regardless.

Smoking is rampant in Ve-gas:

But they do Christmas right (it is a city of lights afterall).

New York was amazing (I need to reiterate this, apparently) -- beautiful window displays at Bergdorf Goodman... and the bombastic Christmas at Saks was pretty cool, too. I can't wait to get back to the city!

In other news, I'm crafting. I made this earring holder today out of: pre-fab frame, aluminum screen and staple gun. Am making a matching ring holder out of: pre-fab frame, galvanized wire and tiny s-hooks. I hope the ring holder works... will post photos when finished.

Friday, December 14, 2007

i needed a laugh today

What a patient cat... this popped up in my Flickr feed recently and I thought I should share. It's wearing a sweater AND a bonnet. So strange and silly.

Monday, December 10, 2007

i did it!!!

I got my cards and my parcels in the mail! It's a minor miracle that I made the deadline... I spent all day yesterday sick from a toxic combination of bourbon and vodka and awoke today completely disoriented. I thought I had slept through Monday, which put me in a major panic seeing as the news reported today as the last day to ship anything international (on the cheap) to arrive by Christmas. Phew.

So I knit frantically and finished Val's dalek:

I also managed to finally put those buttons on my Aspen hat, so it's street legal now. Hoorah! (Just in time for Vegas... I think it's cold there... have hat, will travel).
photo deleted

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Oh dear. No progress on the Daleks... and they really need to go out tomorrow. I did knit up a Twinkle Aspen hat, though:

In other news, on Polly's advice, I added faerie lights to my tree... it's much improved. These are some of my favorite ornaments -- sharing is caring:

from l to r: 'lil Bobby from Cecilia, Anthrophologie Japanese fish thing from a couple of years ago and this year's Urban Outfitters find (Kimono Bunny)

first, last, only

Holiday parties. Not a fan.

Kev and Robert invited me to a party last night -- the great thing is that it was early (I was home by 9:30). I didn't really get a chance to mingle or meet new people... it was one of those things where I met people I've met many times before, but have to be re-introduced. That is one thing that is towards the top of my peeve list. I don't expect people to remember my name... or where they've met me... but it was the kind of crowd who make a point of not remembering you if you're a relative "nobody" in town.

I also had my "pre-diabetes" counseling thing yesterday. It wasn't as traumatic as I expected it to be... I don't have to give up alcohol, just cut back when I'm on tour (if I'm ever on tour again)... I have to watch my starches and carbs because they elevate blood sugar and it was recommended I get a monitor and test occasionally or just come in for a jab every couple of months... more often if I start to feel like poo. The bummer thing was the news that they expect me to lose at least 11 pounds more. Sigh. I'm to check back in 6 months re: weight loss progress. Shonky was sweet when he told me I'm "tiny already!" -- if only he knew. I've got weight to spare, but it's going to be an uphill battle. Oh dear.

In other news, I'm going on a date on Monday night! Well, it's drinks with a stranger... I don't know that I want to call it a "date" yet... we'll see how it goes.

Now I must finish Daleks and get them into the post. I'm suddenly falling very far behind with my holiday mailing.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

i have a problem

And it's called "Knit Knack." I just made my third trip in a week there and came back with MORE yarn!! Eep. Twinkle Soft Chunky in Haze for an Aspen Hat and another ball of Noro to finish Rickey's Rainbow Scarf and some DK Reynolds stuff to make a Henry Scarf out of (for whom, I know not). Thank god their sale ended today. They close in 52 minutes. I will not go back... I will not go back...

I've also decorated the tinsel tree a bit... here's the current state. I've lost an entire box of ornaments (including all my Hello Kitty ones). I know they're just misplaced (most likely in one of the dozens of unpacked boxes in the garage), and I'll find them eventually, but I'm a little sad for myself right now. I have another tree that needs decorating, but seeing how sad and empty the tinsel tree looks, I'll not bother with the other one this year.

I'm also re-reading those Philip Pullman books -- I was inspired by the previews for "The Golden Compass" and the fact that Costco had the trilogy for something silly like $10. Last night I went to see "Enchanted" with Lors... I wanted to hate it... it's a Disney joint, but it was quite cute. I feel like I'm dumbing myself down lately, what with reading all of the children's books and the Disney films, but I'm just about done thinking for the year. I can work on my IQ in 2008.

Christmas cards. Yup, I'm staring at them right now... they're stacked neatly on the coffee table with stickies affixed to the boxes listing who will get which card, but I have yet to proceed any further. It's early days yet... even though I've already received 2 cards! Those silly overachievers!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

do they know it's christmastime?

I guess I'm celebrating this year? Erm, I'm putting my tinsel tree up at any rate... I finally broke it out of it's box (where it's been living for the last 3 years due to fears of spider nests and the like). I'll have to dig out ornaments... and a possibly knit a tree skirt -- or sew one... or maybe just use a towel. I don't want to be *too* festive afterall.

I'm also knitting like it's the holidays. Crazy, insane knitting. My hands are crampy, but the swimming really helps with that.

Next on my list? Cards. Oh deary me.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

stitchin (not) bitches

I went outside my comfort zone tonight and went to a local (NW Denver) knitting group thing at a pub near my house. It was great! I went with a bit of apprehension, but all the women there were very welcoming... not snobby, not pretentious, just really nice, decent people. I'm excited.

That's my news for the day. That and I bought Ian this ridiculous Darth Vader "laptop" that is going to cost more to ship than the silly thing cost to begin with. Sigh. Maybe I'll send it surface and he'll have it for his birthday. In May.

Monday, November 26, 2007

instant gratification

I got interesting "news" yesterday in that a friend is getting married. I spent the weekend feeling sorry for myself (it IS the beginning of the holiday season and self-loathing goes so well with turkey and pumpkin pie, duh!) I stopped myself mid-sob because I realized how ridiculous I was being... silly girl... because I really am happy for Matt and really not that unhappy for myself. I am a work in progress, clearly.

In the midst of my meltdown, I managed to start and complete two projects: the Natty hat from Knit and Tonic and a novelty yarn cowl of my own simple design. Here's proof.

In other news, there is no news. I need to motivate myself to get out the door to the pool... it wasn't crowded on Friday -- I expect it'll be pretty empty from here until New Year's. Oh, I did get the swift and ball winder I ordered; the postman delivered it to one of my neighbors and they managed to FINALLY bring it by yesterday. It's great -- now I have a reason to stock up the stash!

Friday, November 23, 2007

friday night. alrigh'?

Sigh. Another Friday night home alone... on the couch. I'm in a knitting frenzy at the moment -- the knitting seems to pick up in inverse proportion to the temperature. It's FREEZING outside! It's amazing to think that on Monday we were basking in a summery 80 degrees and absolute sunshine and the next day the temperature dropped 50 degrees. It hasn't yet recovered.

I skipped the turkey festivities this year on account of the never-ending weight and fitness freakout. I'm actually trying to drop the 10 pounds my doctor told me to lose before I gained another 10 pounds... I have a "meeting" with a nutritionist on December 5th (on account of my pre-Diabetic status). I know they're going to tell me that I'm going to have to live a life of deprivation or... DIE. I'm just taking the first baby steps now. I went to the pool today and success (!) after the guy who was swimming like a fish left, I was the most coordinated in the lanes. It was the tiny ego boost I needed to do those last 4 laps.

So, back to the knitting. I'm making Daleks for a couple of friends... they don't read this blog, so I can post pictures. Here's what I accomplished today. He looks a little deflated and well, that's because his innards are all hanging out (the stuffing is in a bag in the closet. Since I'm making two, this one is my "experimental Dalek" -- I realized that I forgot to change the color on the plunger arm for the fan-bit and the bobbles are a bit weird... this one will go to a guy -- he probably won't notice the imperfections.

I got sucked into the "Black Friday" madness a little bit. One of the groups I joined on Ravelry had a notice about a big sale at Knit Knack in "Olde Town" Arvada -- everything was knocked down a minimum of 20%. I went to check it out. OHMYGOD. I could've lost my head, but I managed to walk out with a reasonable 3 balls of Plymouth Boku (knock-off Noro -- it's gorge) and some Tonalita and a set of needles I'm gifting to a friend. They have a WALL OF NORO. It's amazing. And Manos del Uruguay. Luckily the sale is on through December 2nd. I know I'll be back there before long. This shop is so nice; I never knew it was there -- I practically live at the Costco just down the hill from Olde Town, but I never go there. Anyhow, this shop is across the street from the weaving studio I wanted to check out (I didn't go in today on account of the intimidation of the weavers and the giant looms in the front window...)

I'm still waiting for my ball winder and swift. Once these arrive I'll have a good reason to stay in on a Friday night. Or not.

Monday, November 19, 2007

must read the fine print

Today was a bit of a disappointment but it ended well. I went to Lamb Shoppe to get my "birthday month" discount and picked out two pairs of Addi Turbos for socks... however when I got to the counter to pay, after waiting a good 20 minutes for the clerk to get someone to help her with the discount, I was told that the discount didn't apply to anything but yarn. Bastards. On one hand, this means I can go back and get 20% off yarn... something Rowan and Big perhaps, but it would've been nice to get the discount today. Sigh.

I had a similar experience at Sephora when I went in to get my "free birthday present." They've put smaller Sephora shops INSIDE JC Penny stores (which I learned when I checked out the website before driving all the way out to Northfield). I just didn't want to drive to Boulder today -- even though it's close to 80 and sunny and tomorrow promises to be about 50 degrees colder with possible snow. Sigh. Anyhow, because the JCP shops aren't "full-service" Sephora shops, they don't honor the promotions the regular shops have. ARGH! They also don't have the full-line of products. So I drove to Boulder to get some Dr. Hauschka stuff (I hate spending money at Whole Foods) and my birthday gift. Oh, I was so excited to be at a full-service Sephora! The products!! The freebies!!! Wait, where's the Dr. Hauschka? Where are the rows of orange and white boxes neatly lining the shelves? They just stopped carrying these products. I almost cried. I got my Bliss "Birthday Suit" lotion and left. Oh well, I saved myself some money, so not all was lost.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I've decided that until I start working again, this will be my crafting journal.

On a side-note, I ordered a book through the fine people at It's a photo journal of the Erasure tour that I put together for Val and possibly another for Ian. He's not terribly sentimental, but seeing as he didn't have a camera on tour, I thought I might send him one so he could re-live the magic. I don't know that he'll appreciate it, though...

I'm excited about the book! I ordered one to preview... if it's great, then I'll order more, or maybe just make it available for people to buy online. I'm undecided. And cheap. And on the cusp of a financial freak-out due to lack of work prospects in the coming months.

My friend, Thom quit the Winehouse tour -- I read about it on He's a minor celebrity now. That makes three people I've worked with who have made internet celebrity status via the pink pages of Perez Hilton. It's only a matter of time before I'm there myself... well, probably not.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

happy birthday... to meee

Yesterday. I have two friends born on the same day; we all, strangely, had somewhat disappointing birthdays this year. I learned that the gig I was half-banking on early next year isn't going to happen (not for me anyhow). On the upside of the 40 or so replies to my silly email that I sent out, I did get $20 in return towards the purchase of a stand mixer. That's two dozen cookies I need to bake.

I'm a bit too hungover to start my sewing project. I wouldn't want to make an errant cut in the fabric... or possibly sew my fingers into it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

sew right

I had to go to the Hancock Fabrics near my house to pick up some buttons for Hannah's bibs before sending today. I couldn't believe the cool cottons they have in stock -- Hancock Fabrics??? I bought three yards of some blue/black combos to make the Amy Singer laundry bag out of.

As the cutting-counter attendant measured out and then cut the yards out for me, I felt transported back to my childhood when my mother would take me to the fabric store to pick colors for the clothes she would make me. I usually hated her creations; I wanted store-bought clothing and I just wasn't able to appreciate the time and effort my mother put into making me pinafores and button-down shirts and trousers and skirts. She really was a skilled seamstress, but arthritis has put her crafting on the back-burner these last few years. It's just funny that the distinct sound of the scissors working their way through the fabric on the counter top could conjure such memories.

i love the couch

I'm home. I'm almost well-rested... the sun is shining and it's pleasant outside. I've been swimming the last two days and the pool just opened for the day, so here's me. Out the door!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

the bus tried to eat my watch, but did not succeed

I tell you what. I was gutted over having lost my watch. I was certain it was karmic intervention... I did "borrow" a crap kettle from the NJ gig and my watch did disappear the same day. Luckily Rachel lost her black bra today and Thom (of the midget fist) suggested the bus intake vent might have sucked it in. Bra was returned and I gave it a half-hearted check for the missing watch. Success! My day completely turned around.

I'm still freezing... this time in Baltimore. I had good luck shopping and then a return of the watch. The only thing that could've capped off my day and made it just shy of perfect would've been a warm chocolate-chip cookie and glass of milk. I settled for McDonald's cookies. As I walked out the door, a neon Panera sign beckoned me. I resisted and settled for my 3 for $1 McCookies. And so, although not a perfect day, a pretty good one.

I'm home in 4 days. Hoorah! Tomorrow is the HoB in N. Myrtle Beach and Alligator Adventure. Yeehaw!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

way to go o-hi-o

Oh dear. I'm tired... to the bone. I'm writing to try and stay awake, but it's not working. I fear I might have to go down for a nap for about an hour or so... the end result is typically me feeling like poo. Sigh.

Doors are at 6:00. This is unfortunate seeing as we had advanced a 7pm door. Interesting.

Last night was ridiculous. I'm now what, 5 days from home? Hoorah! Four more shows (counting tonight), day off, airport, home. Yay!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

riverdale, nj

Our gig tonight is at the bass player's father's bar. Say that five times fast, sucker.

Actually, I'm the sucker. I'm vending and they've set me up in the "VIP Lounge" -- the portal to my space is being guarded by two goombas, and as such, nobody is buying anything. I wasn't inclined to sell seeing as Ronnie's father wants 20% of my gross, but I'm here "vending" and nobody is buying. I expect I've given away more merchandise than I'm going to sell this evening. Fabulous.

I'm tired. Yesterday was our only full day off. Every other day has been a travel day (crazy travel like the drive from Houston to Poughkeepsie which took two days). We're off to Ohio tomorrow night... should be better. Will be a proper gig. There are national acts supporting us... it's going to be another cold night, though. I'm so excited to be headed home next Monday. Nothing is going to fuck that up... I plan on waking up in my own bed in 7 days time.

Apologies to the two people who read this: my foul mood is being sponsored by the dumb kid at Starbucks who didn't know abou the "iTunes song a day" promo, my two-day headache, my twisted ankle, my exploding bowels and this horrible cold weather. Oh yeah, I lost my watch in either Worcester or Sayreville -- I think one of Trapt probably has it. I am gutted and bitter.

Friday, November 2, 2007

another day... another cold city

We're in Worcester today; Boston is an "A" market... Worcester is further down the alphabet. We're at the Palladium tonight; it's a true rock club. I don't recognize most of the bands booked in here over the coming weeks. Typical. Is it because I'm getting older or does it have more to do with me liking better music.

Ho hum.

I didn't think I'd do well tonight; figured it was more a Trapt market, but boy was I wrong. We're leaving straight away after the show... we have a 700+ mile drive to somewhere in North Carolina for a radio show. We expect to arrive sometime around noon; we're on at 2pm and the thing is over by 5pm. Five. PM. On a Saturday??? I don't get it.

Right now I'm just about freezing my ass off. This is not a happy place.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

and another thing...

There was a bit of a drama at the concert tonight when a couple decided to get it on in the ladies toilet.... the were kicked out and the gent's sister freaked out because she was in the next stall keeping watch.

It was a white-trash kind of crowd. Nice.

2 days... 2 shows

We're about to leave Sayreville, NJ. Thank god. Yesterday was Poughkeepsie -- which is, sadly, a very depressed town. I did laundry and that was pretty much the highlight of the day... One of the baby bands who is supporting us left the tour... we got a new support band today. I am now without Brian, he who provides endless entertainment with his boundless energy and frenetic dancing. Sigh.

The new band are all nice people. That's a bonus. I go home in 10 days, though. So, so happy. Me.

Tonight is fun party night on the bus. This is unfortunate because everyone hanging out is local and they could go home and carry-on with the party, but they're here. This bus is my home right now. I'm exhausted and the thump-a-thump from the front and the bang-bang in the back lounge is interrupting my sleep sched.

Do you hear that tiny, little violin? Yes, it's playing a sad song for it's mistress. She will be happy again soon enough... and even more so if she can get an early flight home. Oh yes.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

staunton, va

We're stopped here for 12 hours while our driver sleeps... we're so very close to Richmond, but not close enough to take a cab. Staunton's claim to fame is that Woodrow Wilson was born here... and there are Menonites here, too. I know this because I went to the "Everything Virginia" store and they had the cookbook. I bought a "Virginia is for lovers" shirt and a snowglobe. These are my big purchases for the day.

I'm chilling on the bus waiting to leave... for Poughkeepsie, NY. yay.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


...fest. Houston. I'm sitting on the bus waiting for Chris Cornell to do his set... and then I'm going to watch about 1 Smashing Pumpkins thing. I'm tired. I'm sweaty. I stink. We have two days to get to Poughkeepsie, so really, I should get the hell off the bus, but I just can't be bothered.

I think my friend had her baby... just waiting for a phone call.

I broke down and bought a ring. It's BIG.

I have nothing. I'm logging off.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

some days are better than others

We spent our day off in Fort Wayne, IN yesterday... we had one crew room and one band room between 9 of us... which was great. I guess I'm more a five-star touring kind of girl. Well, not really, but to never have a hotel room? On a 7 week tour? Um... not my kind of tour.

Anyhow, I went to dinner with a couple of the guys and when we got back to the bus, we walked in on the bassist belting out some song on his new karaoke mic (just remembered: Easy (like Sunday morning...)). He looked moderately embarrassed and then tried to get us to participate. I'm WAY to shy and (on this tour) sober to do any singing.

That was the highlight of my day yesterday. Today we're at the gig; it's grim, but non-smoking (small hoorah!) and tomorrow we're driving to Graceland. Photos should follow barring any unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

chicago. house of blues.

Oh, so many drunk people... it was a bit of a vomitorium what with one of the boys in Framing Handley puking on stage and the concertgoer who had had a bit too much to drink who left a puke trail from the hall to the gents. Ah, rock and roll.

So, it looks like I'll be going home from one of the Carolinas. I wish I were flying sooner, but there's hope on my horizon. I'll be back to swimming with grannies and bending and sweating in yoga class in no time. Hoorah.

I'm done.

Monday, October 22, 2007

mount clemens


It's a very small town.

People are very friendly.

It's unseasonably warm.

Yesterday was a travel day from Vegas... what a drama that show was. First, nobody had talked to one another, so I didn't have a ticket. The merch company thought I was going on the bus from Milwaukee to Vegas overnight. Um. Not unless the bus had wings.

I got to Vegas and there was no product... this after I spent a good part of the day in Milwaukee prepping the shipment that came to me from Flint, MI -- it should've gone straight to Vegas, but since I was "traveling on the bus" it came to me in WI. Sigh.

We didn't sleep after the Milwaukee show... drove straight to the airport and flew at 7am. That sucked. On the plus-side, I was too tired to be freaked out about the flight... and the turbulence. When I got to Vegas, I had to rent a car bec. I was told that my boxes would be about 1/2 a mile from the gig. Um, they were shipped to the gig... but it didn't matter because they didn't ship on time and they were brought straight to me.

Then the wind hit. It was blustery and miserable. As in, my eyes were crusted over with dirt the next morning... and THEN I almost got kicked off my flight (it was well oversold). I'm *thisclose* to going home. I can't wait.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

sauget, illinois

Who knew that Sauget is EAST St. Louis? I didn't. Thank god I looked up the gig before I booked my ticket -- I was going to fly to Chicago, which would've made for a very expensive cab ride. As it turns out, my cab ride was par for the course: Somalian driver... couldn't understand why I was working at a strip club. Ahem. That's what this gig is "nestled between" -- a bunch of raunchy strip joints -- they don't have them in St. Louis (according to the driver). I don't know that I believe him... not entirely.

On the plus-side, the band and crew are really nice. I was very pleasantly surprised when I rolled up and they were actually expecting me! AND I have an OK bunk -- a top one, but they're going to move around so I can have one closer to the ground.

We also have a fiancee on the bus -- is Asian, too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

road rage

Ohmygod. I'm going on the road again... in two days. Backsliding. Rock band. Should be interesting... watch this space for stories of whores and drugs and rock'n'roll (or the mundane, trivial details of my life with a new crew).

Friday, October 12, 2007

i'm on my way... home sweet home?

Actually, I'm home. Last show at the Muffathalle was good; Jake flew the fox in from the center and I missed it. Val, Ian, Dax and I went in to town (on a Sunday) to have a bier on the last day of Oktoberfest -- it was freakishly deserted except for the teams of British revelers out taking in the sunshine and the brews. People were wearing very funny hats.

Hollywood neither thanked me nor said farewell. Sigh. I wasn't really expecting anything more from them than they gave me, but I'm still a little salty over it all. To be fair, the Little 'un did start to say something, but I cut her off -- she didn't realize I was going to the hotel and flying home from Munich. I was already missing those folk I really enjoy before we had hugged and parted... I'm almost too tired to be missing anyone today. Day four at home and I'm still waking at weird hours and sleeping before the sun has set.

I had agreed to do some office work when I returned home and then immediately regretted it. Luckily I've dodged that bullet -- they can't figure out how they're going to pay me on the sly (it needs to be hidden within the budget). Hoorah!

Last night I met with a friend who is on a tough tour... thing is he's only one week into a six-week tour and he looks like he's been on the road for a month. Poor guy... he took this as a favor and it's a band he actually likes, but it's not working for him, unfortunately. Tonight I'm going to try to stay awake and see Jose Gonzalez -- I worked with him last year and he's a really fabulous person. One of the lighting techs we had on the US bit of this tour is now out with Jose, so I'm really going to make an effort at consciousness. Oh, the battle I'm facing!

More to update later. Right now I'm up to my ears in scarf and dalek knitting. It's so nice to be home.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

two shows to go

Cologne today. E-werk. Saturday. Tomorrow is our last show of this tour... I've got mixed feelings; while I'm sad to be leaving the people I really love working with, I'm ecstatic to see the backsides of some (hopefully forever). I feel like an awful person, but I don't want to help myself.

Dax was insightful when he suggested that I'm creating drama. I know that's certainly the case... I'm really fortunate to have been given an opportunity to do something other than swag -- which I feel I've back-slided into over the last few years. When he explained some of the things he deals with on a daily basis (beyond the drunken punters and the accounting), I realized that I really don't have anything to be upset over. Yeah, sure, the two BV's are annoying, but that's all on them... and the other bitch, well, she's just who she is and I doubt I'll ever work with her again. I'd really be surprised, in a bad way, if she turned up on a tour I'm doing -- unless she's back at her local gig and is working for the house. Even then, I doubt I'd be very nostalgic with her since she's just a silly girl and I really don't have time for those types.

So, last night's drama was just that. I need to develop a thicker skin, really, because wherever you are someone is going to be bitching about you. Can't be helped, really, can it? I just get frustrated over the fact that they bitch around me and not actually TO me. Again, that's on them, not me. Just means I should take note and make sure I always address issues with the people I have a problem with and not talk around them -- resolution is a direct route.

I can't believe how heavy my suitcase(s) have become. I haven't bought much... a couple of snowglobes... that's it, really. Must be all the lint I've collected -- or the rocks people have hidden in my bags. Yeah, it's probably rocks.

Friday, October 5, 2007

berlin, show day

OHMYGOD! I'm in a foul mood... was in a decent mood, but it's all gone down-hill since before the show. The 'merican BV's blanked me for most of the day and now Tim is here (the costume-maker) and they're bitching about me, in the sweetest possible way. ARGH.

The show was good, though. That's one positive thing. Hoorah!

I'll write more about tonight during the day tomorrow. I just can't be bothered at the moment.

berlin, day off

Relatively uneventful... I slept. And slept some more. We went out for dinner at a nice German pub-restaurant called Gaffel Kolsch (no idea what it means). There's a "bears on parade" thing going on here -- we had an upside-down pink one greeting us at the hotel... and one in a suit outside the Gaffel Kolsch last night. I'm really too tired to investigate further.

I remember the Columbiahalle -- it's where our 50 pound "lottery syndicate" money was stolen on the last tour. I have my finger on Jimmy, the bus driver because he took 500 pounds from my bunk. What's an extra 50 when you get away with 500, right?

The boys (as in Faddie and Whittle) are playing online sex-games in the production office. OK, not sex games per se, but "slap the lass on the ass" is one of them and now they've got something equally silly going.

I'm devastated at my lack of self-control with the food and everything. I exercised some restraint last night on the alcohol front -- Dax set a bad example and I didn't want to be teased too much today, so I had three or four beers and called it a day.

Must remember to get my passport back from the driver -- or I will have a self-fulfilling prophecy type experience at the airport on Monday. I don't even want to tempt fate in that way... not this week, anyhow.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Used to be Karl-Marx-Strab, but the name was changed back after re-unification. Today is "Reunification Day" so even though it's Wednesday, it feels like a German Sunday. Fab.

I'm beyond tired today; four more shows... four more shows... then home. Right now, at this very moment, I'm excited to be going home to sunshine, clean sheets, my bed, and a good shower. I can't wait to cook for myself and exercise on a semi-regular basis... and not get yelled at by anyone but my mother. Hoorah. I'm sure I'll feel differently in a few hours, but just now, I'm ready.

All of my fingernails have broken... some to the quick. It's tragic. I'm a good candidate for some acrylics, but they scare me what with the potential for fungus and all the maintenance that's involved with having fake nails.

I'm dreading office work, which it looks like I might have lined up when I return home. I don't think I fit into any of my suits for a start. The regular hour thing is daunting, too. What to do?

On the plus-side, I finished the cardigan, however my camera chose to break about 30 minutes ago, so I have no way to upload the evidence. Damnitall. I bet the warranty just expired, too. Oh well.

That's my post for the day. Tomorrow is a day off in Berlin at the Hilton (which means posh internet access -- most likely in the range of $30 which is ridiculous, in my opinion -- and no posts til show day). I'm so looking forward to a day in a hotel room. I had tentatively planned to do this crazy driving tour of the city, but I think sleep is my priority. We're almost done here, folks. I can't go home sick.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Last night's show was good... as good as one would expect when the hall wasn't even half-sold. The venue was gorgeous -- an abandoned railway station that was crescent shaped and seemed to go on and on and on...

Anyhow, laundry was washed... and "ruined." This wasn't my fault, can you believe it? I still got the blame for something dark running on the whites, but thankfully I wasn't the one who started the wash (and yet I STILL got the blame?) Oh well, only four more shows after tonight and then my laundry days are over for a while.

Today we're back at the CCH3 in Hamburg. Three years ago I took a photo of the ceiling with my cameraphone, but had no way to download it or forward it or anything. When I had my phone unlocked the photo was deleted and I was devastated. I'm looking forward to getting my photo in today. I also bought a snowglobe! Three years late.
So far the day has been relatively stress-free. I can't get my wardrobe cases up to the dressing room which stinks... this means I'll be the stairmaster yet again.

Time for photos!

Monday, October 1, 2007

this one is for polly

I'm almost finished with my cardigan... the Belle Cardigan by Twinkle in the most recent Interweave Knits. I decided to do the button-band last night, and created holes when I increased as a yo instead of a m1. D'oh. I'm so tempted to rip and re-knit, but I might try to work with it. Photos forthcoming. I get grief from the crew about my knitting; but they've all been checking my progress (rather, the lack thereof).

Anyhow, this is a picture of a recent (last summer) yarn binge. A great shop closed near me, and after spending $500, I had to stop. These are all "luxury" yarns, neatly stacked in my yarn closet awaiting very special projects:
Some might say I have a problem
What's here? Three bags of Noro, one of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, Socks That Rock stuff, three bags of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed and a Lana del Nord bag of cream wool. Not pictured? The two additional bags of Noro, one more bag of Cashmerino and something else that I can't remember at the moment. Clearly I have a "problem".

I'm just waiting for pictures to load to Flickr... it's taking forever today. It's raining and I want to take a nap... I'm already getting that "end of tour" sleepiness thing. I can't wait to get home and sleep for a few days... oh, how lovely will that be? It's in the 80's in Denver; too bad I've already started packing on the winter weight. More to love!

bielefeld... and redemption

Our gig today is in an abandoned railway station... it's interesting. I think I like it. I also like the bread. And all the pork. I'll post more later... just waking up right about now.

Dirty Dick Boy sent me an apology. OK, sure, via email, but it's something. I feel much, much less crazy now. Hoorah!

Friday, September 28, 2007

copenhagen. little mermaid. hans christian andersen

This is a really beautiful city. I wish we had a day off here; I never have in the past... which in a way is a good thing because it's also an incredibly expensive city. Everyone here is gorgeous... must be all the cycling they do around town. I don't know.

Autumn has hit us with force. I don't know where it came from; I had my sunshine earlier, but now it's gone. We have tentative plans (and a firm reservation) for the Ice Bar here, but I might be too tired to start guzzling vodka at midnight. How pussy is that? I also don't have a very warm coat and there is some confusion as to whether or not warm coats and mittens are supplied.

We are on the last leg of this tour. Only 8 more shows to go. Sigh.

I really want some sardines.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

wolverhampton to cambridge

Internet interruptions... days off sleeping... so many distractions keep me from maintaining my blog. Oh well. It happens.

Wolverhampton: Civic Hall again... fantastic dressing rooms with jacuzzi tubs and multi-spigot showers! Ah, the showers. Blissful. That and another Gregg's pasty.

Leicester: Rather forgettable show. The audience were very polite... the hall was very nice, if I remember correctly. Then again, maybe I've forgotten for a reason. Oh wait! TM's birthday! Catering just off the lobby bar! LAUNDRY!!! Yes, I remember it well. I have photos and there was Tetris Burial Plot plans posted.

Day off, Bristol: Absolutely up to no good. We (mark, ian, val, aoife and me) got bicycles off the hotel and rode 15 or so miles to Bath. Unfortunately the ride took a while, so we didn't get to explore -- more a shame for Val than anyone else since she hadn't been there since she was a schoolgirl. We had lunch and took the train back, where we met up with the rest of the motley crew for Cider (yes, with a capital "c") and Curry. Scandals were started and the rumour mill hasn't rested since...

Bristol: It happened to be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. This show deserves it's own post with photos. Watch this space.

Sheffield: Gorgeous hall; ballroom in the basement... Good show? yes? Bueller? I don't remember. It's not like I've done piles of psychedelic drugs to wreck my memory center, but I forgot to bring my memory pills with me on tour. I keep forgetting things. Oh yes. Disco after. *shudders*

No, just remembered. Nice hall just opposite John Lewis. I bought a Rowan book. Charlie2Loud blew me out. I also bought DVDs. Clearly I have a spending problem.

Day off, Cardiff: What can I say? I slept. All day. Ate at a great restaurant up the hill with Mark and Fads after their drenched bicycle ride... the dessert menu was grand (as in THE BIGGEST I'VE EVER SEEN!) I opted for the volcano cake, but they called it something else. It was sheer gluttony. Met up with the young lads for post-dining drinks and stayed up to the wee hours... hence, show day was harsh.

Cardiff: Harsh. I didn't understand the cleaning woman when she asked if "(I) would door the open for (her)" Huh? Still don't understand her. I had a moment when I wanted to pummel the little fella, and she did her "at the gyno" impression for Aoife. All were unimpressed. What can I say? It WAS a good show -- and the Rio across the street was jumping. No internet. Grim, grim, grim. 2 days without internet... thought I might die.

Cambridge: Loves it. Market day, didn't go. Was too busy being not busy? I didn't sleep even though I clearly needed it. Bus didn't have shore power... so it was dark. I was scared to get stuck out there with the door open so I avoided it like the plague. Little Fella threw a strop! It was so funny. Confrontation. Resolution. Well, not really... what is it called when two sides agree to disagree? Denouement? No, I'll have to look that up later. Again, Brain = Sieve. Lamby shanky for din-din. Ate too much, needed a belly rub.

London, day off: no sleep for the wardrobe slave! Costumes to collect... frustration to be had! Sleep for a few hours and then nothing. No one. Abandoned and lonely, it was reminiscent of a tour a few years ago when I got dumped at a London hotel on my birthday. Alone. I tried to cry, but couldn't.

London: Royal Albert Hall. My first time actually INSIDE the building. I must say, I was very impressed. I didn't climb into the Queen's box, because I was certain some Bobby or a guy in a fuzzy hat would repel from the corolla and knock me to the ground. She, not unlike Brittney Spears and other white trash (i.e. Little Fella) has a double-wide! Honest! I got the royal tour -- well, not royal, per se, but I did get to go up into the roof. I crapped out on going all the way to the very top but did stand on the grate up above the mushroom thingies. You have to empty your pockets when you're up there -- that alone makes the trek daunting. I would've gone to the very top, except I couldn't let go of the iron grate...

The show went off well. Dean didn't think the costumes were ruined; they should look great on the DVD at any rate... I guess I'll find out soon. I also think I managed to not make it onto the DVD! Yippee!

OK. Bed.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

what the...

I have a bone to pick with They block the full-length shows outside of the US. This means I cannot watch Ugly Betty and Gray's Anatomy while here, in the UK. I have a US IP address... my computer is a US computer. I just want my broadcast-TV!


another round of catch-up

I've been remiss (again) with blogging. Here's the low-down:

Nottingham: can't remember much. Had a cheese and onion pasty from Greggs. It was delish.

York: Still a gorgeous city. Kirsten, the tourist, had a go about doing monitors for the support band. I rolled my eyes and bought a snow-globe.

Day off, Grimsby: Desolate. Glen and Kirsten were up all night, collecting dead animals and having a roll in the hay. I went to Cleethorpes with Rickey, Howard and Ian. We had fish and peas and a stroll on the beach (which was deserted). We also scored Rickey a Jack Daniel's tin (it's the man's birthday month and there are giveaways, apparently).

Grimsby: Converted gymnasium. Too much pigeon poo. The production office had nice couches.

Glasgow: Academy again. Scored a trick at the Barrowlands, but have yet to use it. Didn't find a deep-fried mars bar. Extreme disappointment mentally, gastric-ly sound. Also, I didn't set off the alarm! Hoorah! Drunken fan with verbal abuses over Mr. Fox at the end of the night. Bastard.

Edinburgh: Asda shopping (bingo and sea battle -- both slightly different from their American counterparts). I missed out on the 10-pin bowling, unfortunately, but was otherwise a very good day indeed.

Day off, Newcastle: Lunch with H and R; Nik joined us after arriving by train. Drink in the Charles Grey with truck drivers. Curry dinner and spastic colon. Russians in the bar and a bartender who didn't understand plain English. Sigh.

Newcastle: Academy. Catering at the back of the hall. Otherwise not a memorable day. Oh yeah, zipper malfunction on stage (Bell's jacket zip pull came off); first time I thought I'd be sent home... paranoia rules.

Preston: Sad, sleepy town with a lovely square. Sun shining and gum disposal receptacle. Ian bought me a camping wine glass. Happiness. Stress over Manchester tomorrow...

Manchester: Mad day. Apollo. Crack whores. Val thinking a tramp was Mildred. I was in hiding; then got a hiding from both the TM and PM. Tears shed, hugs given, sleep came very late. Otherwise it was a fantastic gig!

Day off, Norwich: Stress over possibly being sent home, catching up with Hagos and wife, Wagamama and Meg the cat. Apologies (one sided) and drinks, late to bed again.

Norwich: UEA is always a nice gig. No students this time around, just rabbits. Catering was stepped up a notch, unbelievably -- seemed impossible, but it happened. I'm getting very fat indeed.

That takes us to Wolverhampton where I'm typing away in the production office... laundry is off to the laundrette and we're awaiting the arrival of hot water. Oh the little things.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

it's amazing. really.

I was paid a very high compliment by our promoter rep last night; he told me I'd be British except for my accent. We were discussing the other 'mericans on the tour and he said he couldn't understand how I could be so un-American in demeanor.

This really made my day. I needed it after my previous miserable day. Thanks, Mark.

Friday, September 7, 2007

grimsby. not so grim.

Tonight's show is really great, actually. Crowd are fantastic, the only problem is that it's TOO DAMN HOT! Can you believe it? September, North of England and HOT. ARGH. It's a plague. And Al Gore is SO right.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

european vacation?

Today we're in Oxford -- our first "real" show is tomorrow night; today is a type of production run-through to see what doesn't work. So far the staging is fucked up. That's nice.

Flying over on Wednesday was relatively stress-free! I was offered a transfer from BA to Lufthansa which would leave sooner, arrive one hour later, but I'd have $400 in my pocket for agreeing to swap. I don't like Lufthansa, but it was worth it in the end...

Thursday afternoon, met up with a friend. He has lost an amazing amount of weight and almost doesn't look like himself! We had a coffee. I had coffee all afternoon, and by the time we met up with the others for a late dinner, I also had a curious case of the cranks. It was extreme.

So, some sleep later, I felt better. Friday was spent taking care of the sabotaged costume... doesn't even look like anything was ever wrong with it! Hoorah!

Saturday? Flight to Dublin. Electric Picnic. Saw two old co-workers. Skinny guy from the Jesus and Mary Chain -- the one with the fro? He's now old and fat. Eh. Beastie Boys? They are 2/3 all grey. It was a long day, but it didn't rain.

Today? Flight from Dublin to London, drive to Oxford. Find out that our (the crew) hotel is crap... haven't gone there yet, it's now quarter past 9 in the evening. I don't know that I'll ever see my bed... and really? I just need to see the insides of my eyelids. Damnitall.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

puerto rico pigeon park

I'm reposting this from my Flickr photostream. There is a park in Old San Juan where you go and feed the pigeons. Yeah, I don't really get it either, but in this park (as in many places in San Juan) there is public sculpture.

It was weird... this public sculpture. It left me with the feeling that these people had all died -- they just took off their shoes and fell off a cliff or possibly something sinister had happened to them. It was like going to a concentration camp and seeing toothbrushes laid out for the people who never came back to use them. I suspect that wasn't the artist's intention, just my black heart rearing it's ugly head.

I leave for London tomorrow. Hoorah!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

home office

I'm so incredibly bored. I can't bear this boredom anymore. This 3-week in between thing has been challenging, to say the least. On a typical tour, it ends, I slide into a deep funk (sometime after sleeping for the first 3 days) for a few days... or a few months. I can't truly indulge my urge towards depression this time, because we're not finished yet. I fly out next Wednesday for the last 5 weeks of the tour, and yet I'm already dreading the end. I don't have any job prospects for the rest of the year, nor the rest of my life, and so I don't want this tour to end... yet I want to have my funk.

Crap. I've been placating myself with retail therapy... strangely, it's not helping at all. I go to the mall, grab a few things quickly and come home to assume the position (butt on couch, remote at side). Online shopping is even less satisfying because I have to WAIT for my purchases to arrive. New phone came yesterday... waiting on a pair of jeans and some books. *heavy sigh*

Friends have been flaking out on me, but that's more my issue than theirs. I figured people would actually WANT to spend some time with me while I'm here, alas, it's just like the rest of the year...

...and so tonight? I have a bottle of wine on my list and hopefully some tears. Yeah, that just might be the ticket.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

my dick

Just got back from the Mickey Avalon show. While he's a skinny midget, something about him is incredibly captivating. Is it the Jew-fro? Or the wifebeater? His witty and quick rhymes? Or his sexy moves and tattoos? Hmmm. Yes, all of the above.

Friday, August 17, 2007

catch-up, not ketchup

Since I did a piss-poor job of updating this blog on the road, I'm going to write one or two sentences to sum-up every city we went to:

Tampa: We had rehearsals and a show and it was incredibly hot.

Miami: Still in Florida; still hot -- catering could've been better...

Orlando: Nik and Kirsten made me scream on the Dueling Dragons. I had a headache all day.

Rosie Cruise: Gay. We got to hang on the top deck, and while Rosie was a gracious host, she didn't stick around for long. I also had a freak-out when I saw "Ross the Intern" and that other little Asian gay guy from Desperate Housewives.

San Juan: Hot. We saw a fort... and put our feet in the Caribbean... and ate at a very authentic restaurant. There were feral cats under cars.

Flying to the Dominican Republic: Leggy and Kirsten were 30 minutes late to the lobby call; Howard (who was 2nd in the van) missed the plane. San Juan Airport is like a 3rd world country.

La Romana: Twee airport; $10 entry fee -- they give you a movie ticket and you walk about 5 yards and hand it to the ticket taker and then you're officially "in." We played at a resort -- it was gorgeous and, sadly, in stark contrast to the poverty of the rest of the island. I have mixed feelings over it -- it was kinda gross. I DID have a fabulous view from my room though.

Mexico City: Kirsten decided to hit up Duty Free after (?) we had landed. Dinger was sick on the plane. It was a LONG day. First show was great, 2nd show was canceled. We went to see the Kahlo exhibit at the Palace of Fine Arts -- some others went to the pyramids. Val, Ian and I walked about 4 miles in the rain to get to a great bar which had Horchata Martinis. I think I fell in love a bit (with my drink). I did not get sick in Mexico even though I ate off of street stalls. Yay!

Anaheim: Val and I hired a car and went to Hollywood where we hung out with friends and saw Har Mar Superstar (at the Viper Room). What night in Hollywood is complete without In-N-Out?
Margaret Cho came to the show, but I was too nervous to be anything but civil to her. Oh well.

San Diego: Gay Pride. Low-flying planes.

Travel day to Seattle: Stuck on the bus with the chatty driver, Sharon. Sharons are, historically, annoying. This one proved my theory. We stopped at "Heaven on Earth" -- the draw? Massive cinnamon rolls. Mediocre food. Jesus freaks.

Seattle: Scummiest hotel room ever (we weren't supposed to have any, so I shouldn't complain, but I am). Cecilia visited. Val and I had Brazillians. It was a gorgeous day.

Travel day to Minneapolis: Stopped in Montana and Grumpy went home for a few while. Bones didn't sleep much and so we had to stop again on the way just outside Sturgis... at the Windmill:

Minneapolis: Took the boys to "Brit's Pub" off Nicollet Mall. Show? OK. Costumes almost ruined by washing. First "gourmet" pizza of the tour (mashed potato? It sounds horrible, but it was amazing). Oh, had the most expensive dinner yet at Fogo de Chao. It wasn't worth the money, unfortunately, but I did get the coaster.

Milwaukee: Jon went home... I spent the day with the runner, bitching. My Grandmother's funeral was this day and I awoke in a foul mood. Dresses were washed, not dried completely and we had a wardrobe malfunction. I was called a "saboteur" but honestly? if I wanted to sabotage something, I would've done something far more sinister.

Kansas City: Shit part of town, circus-y theater. We had a decent shower, though.

Day off Detroit: We beat the band into town, but it was just about a photo finish. Thank god their ride from the airport wasn't what they expected, or they would've beat us. Good drinks... two Christys.

Detroit: Curry catering and to-go boxes. Fabulous mural on the wall backstage, otherwise not so hot.

Cleveland: Goldfish Army. "Where's the ice?" ARGH! Young Love stole our beers, but I was gifted the Harry Potter book.

Travel day to NYC: pleasant drive, arrived by noon. Rooms not ready at the hotes; no surprise.

Brooklyn: HOT, HOT, HOT and HUMID. Shit, shit, shit.

Red Bank: Ah, ye olde Count Basie. I didn't find the cool shops in town until after they had closed (mostly). Was the only person in the van to yell at Kirsten when she was late, again, to the lobby call. Got back to the city with the slap-happy latecomers at 3:30am on Sunday.

Home. Round 2 forthcoming.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mahavishnu in Miami

On the iPod that is... on me? Just sweat and the stink of the day. I'm not much into Florida... any of it. Like Kirsten said, "I'm not so much into heat or alligators or..." something else I can't remember. I appended it with "snowbirds and retirees."

Tampa was incredibly weird. The whole of the downtown area has the feel of "28 days later" -- there are no people. To be fair, we were there during the holiday week, but you'd think there'd be a couple of grannies entertaining their grandkids for the 4th? No? I've never seen a shorter line at a Costco than at the one in Brandon, FL. That was the highlight of my first day of rehearsals.

The highlight of the 4th was finding "Four Green Fields" -- an Irish pub complete with a white wash and thatch roof. Even the barmen were Irish (honest. I don't think they were putting on an accent... genuine article those guys).

Today we're in Miami. Have I mentioned the heat? I think I'll mention it again. It's damn hot and humid here. I feel like I'm in a marathon Bikram yoga class and I'm not doing so well. My brain is melting, and my ass is sweating.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sunday, June 24, 2007

hot hot hot

It's hot.

Friday, June 8, 2007

dumbass of the day award

To you, you who drives a silver PT Cruiser with a license plate which reads: PT CRZR

Do you think anyone would confuse you with say, an FJ Cruiser? or a Motorola CRZR? or a Holiday Cruiser?

I have a particular disdain for vanity plates in general, but PT CRZR? Suck it.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

google shenanigans

Ever googled yourself? I have. My "doppleganger" is an ob/gyn from Germany. Ironic, then, that she's German? Here's her picture:

We don't look alike at all. I guess that's a good thing considering I look like that Asian girl anyone anywhere in N. America went to high school with...

No news, just thought I'd share. My life lacks luster.

Friday, May 4, 2007

or not so soon afterall.

I join the traveling roadshow July 1st. I'd pee my pants with glee, but it seems a bit premature for that sort of thing.

I thought I should update... not that anyone reads this anyway.


Friday, April 27, 2007

On the road again...

...soon. Very, very soon. This is my tour-blog. Erm, it WILL be.