Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mahavishnu in Miami

On the iPod that is... on me? Just sweat and the stink of the day. I'm not much into Florida... any of it. Like Kirsten said, "I'm not so much into heat or alligators or..." something else I can't remember. I appended it with "snowbirds and retirees."

Tampa was incredibly weird. The whole of the downtown area has the feel of "28 days later" -- there are no people. To be fair, we were there during the holiday week, but you'd think there'd be a couple of grannies entertaining their grandkids for the 4th? No? I've never seen a shorter line at a Costco than at the one in Brandon, FL. That was the highlight of my first day of rehearsals.

The highlight of the 4th was finding "Four Green Fields" -- an Irish pub complete with a white wash and thatch roof. Even the barmen were Irish (honest. I don't think they were putting on an accent... genuine article those guys).

Today we're in Miami. Have I mentioned the heat? I think I'll mention it again. It's damn hot and humid here. I feel like I'm in a marathon Bikram yoga class and I'm not doing so well. My brain is melting, and my ass is sweating.

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