Tuesday, August 28, 2007

puerto rico pigeon park

I'm reposting this from my Flickr photostream. There is a park in Old San Juan where you go and feed the pigeons. Yeah, I don't really get it either, but in this park (as in many places in San Juan) there is public sculpture.

It was weird... this public sculpture. It left me with the feeling that these people had all died -- they just took off their shoes and fell off a cliff or possibly something sinister had happened to them. It was like going to a concentration camp and seeing toothbrushes laid out for the people who never came back to use them. I suspect that wasn't the artist's intention, just my black heart rearing it's ugly head.

I leave for London tomorrow. Hoorah!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

home office

I'm so incredibly bored. I can't bear this boredom anymore. This 3-week in between thing has been challenging, to say the least. On a typical tour, it ends, I slide into a deep funk (sometime after sleeping for the first 3 days) for a few days... or a few months. I can't truly indulge my urge towards depression this time, because we're not finished yet. I fly out next Wednesday for the last 5 weeks of the tour, and yet I'm already dreading the end. I don't have any job prospects for the rest of the year, nor the rest of my life, and so I don't want this tour to end... yet I want to have my funk.

Crap. I've been placating myself with retail therapy... strangely, it's not helping at all. I go to the mall, grab a few things quickly and come home to assume the position (butt on couch, remote at side). Online shopping is even less satisfying because I have to WAIT for my purchases to arrive. New phone came yesterday... waiting on a pair of jeans and some books. *heavy sigh*

Friends have been flaking out on me, but that's more my issue than theirs. I figured people would actually WANT to spend some time with me while I'm here, alas, it's just like the rest of the year...

...and so tonight? I have a bottle of wine on my list and hopefully some tears. Yeah, that just might be the ticket.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

my dick

Just got back from the Mickey Avalon show. While he's a skinny midget, something about him is incredibly captivating. Is it the Jew-fro? Or the wifebeater? His witty and quick rhymes? Or his sexy moves and tattoos? Hmmm. Yes, all of the above.

Friday, August 17, 2007

catch-up, not ketchup

Since I did a piss-poor job of updating this blog on the road, I'm going to write one or two sentences to sum-up every city we went to:

Tampa: We had rehearsals and a show and it was incredibly hot.

Miami: Still in Florida; still hot -- catering could've been better...

Orlando: Nik and Kirsten made me scream on the Dueling Dragons. I had a headache all day.

Rosie Cruise: Gay. We got to hang on the top deck, and while Rosie was a gracious host, she didn't stick around for long. I also had a freak-out when I saw "Ross the Intern" and that other little Asian gay guy from Desperate Housewives.

San Juan: Hot. We saw a fort... and put our feet in the Caribbean... and ate at a very authentic restaurant. There were feral cats under cars.

Flying to the Dominican Republic: Leggy and Kirsten were 30 minutes late to the lobby call; Howard (who was 2nd in the van) missed the plane. San Juan Airport is like a 3rd world country.

La Romana: Twee airport; $10 entry fee -- they give you a movie ticket and you walk about 5 yards and hand it to the ticket taker and then you're officially "in." We played at a resort -- it was gorgeous and, sadly, in stark contrast to the poverty of the rest of the island. I have mixed feelings over it -- it was kinda gross. I DID have a fabulous view from my room though.

Mexico City: Kirsten decided to hit up Duty Free after (?) we had landed. Dinger was sick on the plane. It was a LONG day. First show was great, 2nd show was canceled. We went to see the Kahlo exhibit at the Palace of Fine Arts -- some others went to the pyramids. Val, Ian and I walked about 4 miles in the rain to get to a great bar which had Horchata Martinis. I think I fell in love a bit (with my drink). I did not get sick in Mexico even though I ate off of street stalls. Yay!

Anaheim: Val and I hired a car and went to Hollywood where we hung out with friends and saw Har Mar Superstar (at the Viper Room). What night in Hollywood is complete without In-N-Out?
Margaret Cho came to the show, but I was too nervous to be anything but civil to her. Oh well.

San Diego: Gay Pride. Low-flying planes.

Travel day to Seattle: Stuck on the bus with the chatty driver, Sharon. Sharons are, historically, annoying. This one proved my theory. We stopped at "Heaven on Earth" -- the draw? Massive cinnamon rolls. Mediocre food. Jesus freaks.

Seattle: Scummiest hotel room ever (we weren't supposed to have any, so I shouldn't complain, but I am). Cecilia visited. Val and I had Brazillians. It was a gorgeous day.

Travel day to Minneapolis: Stopped in Montana and Grumpy went home for a few while. Bones didn't sleep much and so we had to stop again on the way just outside Sturgis... at the Windmill:

Minneapolis: Took the boys to "Brit's Pub" off Nicollet Mall. Show? OK. Costumes almost ruined by washing. First "gourmet" pizza of the tour (mashed potato? It sounds horrible, but it was amazing). Oh, had the most expensive dinner yet at Fogo de Chao. It wasn't worth the money, unfortunately, but I did get the coaster.

Milwaukee: Jon went home... I spent the day with the runner, bitching. My Grandmother's funeral was this day and I awoke in a foul mood. Dresses were washed, not dried completely and we had a wardrobe malfunction. I was called a "saboteur" but honestly? if I wanted to sabotage something, I would've done something far more sinister.

Kansas City: Shit part of town, circus-y theater. We had a decent shower, though.

Day off Detroit: We beat the band into town, but it was just about a photo finish. Thank god their ride from the airport wasn't what they expected, or they would've beat us. Good drinks... two Christys.

Detroit: Curry catering and to-go boxes. Fabulous mural on the wall backstage, otherwise not so hot.

Cleveland: Goldfish Army. "Where's the ice?" ARGH! Young Love stole our beers, but I was gifted the Harry Potter book.

Travel day to NYC: pleasant drive, arrived by noon. Rooms not ready at the hotes; no surprise.

Brooklyn: HOT, HOT, HOT and HUMID. Shit, shit, shit.

Red Bank: Ah, ye olde Count Basie. I didn't find the cool shops in town until after they had closed (mostly). Was the only person in the van to yell at Kirsten when she was late, again, to the lobby call. Got back to the city with the slap-happy latecomers at 3:30am on Sunday.

Home. Round 2 forthcoming.