Tuesday, August 21, 2007

home office

I'm so incredibly bored. I can't bear this boredom anymore. This 3-week in between thing has been challenging, to say the least. On a typical tour, it ends, I slide into a deep funk (sometime after sleeping for the first 3 days) for a few days... or a few months. I can't truly indulge my urge towards depression this time, because we're not finished yet. I fly out next Wednesday for the last 5 weeks of the tour, and yet I'm already dreading the end. I don't have any job prospects for the rest of the year, nor the rest of my life, and so I don't want this tour to end... yet I want to have my funk.

Crap. I've been placating myself with retail therapy... strangely, it's not helping at all. I go to the mall, grab a few things quickly and come home to assume the position (butt on couch, remote at side). Online shopping is even less satisfying because I have to WAIT for my purchases to arrive. New phone came yesterday... waiting on a pair of jeans and some books. *heavy sigh*

Friends have been flaking out on me, but that's more my issue than theirs. I figured people would actually WANT to spend some time with me while I'm here, alas, it's just like the rest of the year...

...and so tonight? I have a bottle of wine on my list and hopefully some tears. Yeah, that just might be the ticket.

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