Sunday, September 16, 2007

another round of catch-up

I've been remiss (again) with blogging. Here's the low-down:

Nottingham: can't remember much. Had a cheese and onion pasty from Greggs. It was delish.

York: Still a gorgeous city. Kirsten, the tourist, had a go about doing monitors for the support band. I rolled my eyes and bought a snow-globe.

Day off, Grimsby: Desolate. Glen and Kirsten were up all night, collecting dead animals and having a roll in the hay. I went to Cleethorpes with Rickey, Howard and Ian. We had fish and peas and a stroll on the beach (which was deserted). We also scored Rickey a Jack Daniel's tin (it's the man's birthday month and there are giveaways, apparently).

Grimsby: Converted gymnasium. Too much pigeon poo. The production office had nice couches.

Glasgow: Academy again. Scored a trick at the Barrowlands, but have yet to use it. Didn't find a deep-fried mars bar. Extreme disappointment mentally, gastric-ly sound. Also, I didn't set off the alarm! Hoorah! Drunken fan with verbal abuses over Mr. Fox at the end of the night. Bastard.

Edinburgh: Asda shopping (bingo and sea battle -- both slightly different from their American counterparts). I missed out on the 10-pin bowling, unfortunately, but was otherwise a very good day indeed.

Day off, Newcastle: Lunch with H and R; Nik joined us after arriving by train. Drink in the Charles Grey with truck drivers. Curry dinner and spastic colon. Russians in the bar and a bartender who didn't understand plain English. Sigh.

Newcastle: Academy. Catering at the back of the hall. Otherwise not a memorable day. Oh yeah, zipper malfunction on stage (Bell's jacket zip pull came off); first time I thought I'd be sent home... paranoia rules.

Preston: Sad, sleepy town with a lovely square. Sun shining and gum disposal receptacle. Ian bought me a camping wine glass. Happiness. Stress over Manchester tomorrow...

Manchester: Mad day. Apollo. Crack whores. Val thinking a tramp was Mildred. I was in hiding; then got a hiding from both the TM and PM. Tears shed, hugs given, sleep came very late. Otherwise it was a fantastic gig!

Day off, Norwich: Stress over possibly being sent home, catching up with Hagos and wife, Wagamama and Meg the cat. Apologies (one sided) and drinks, late to bed again.

Norwich: UEA is always a nice gig. No students this time around, just rabbits. Catering was stepped up a notch, unbelievably -- seemed impossible, but it happened. I'm getting very fat indeed.

That takes us to Wolverhampton where I'm typing away in the production office... laundry is off to the laundrette and we're awaiting the arrival of hot water. Oh the little things.

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