Friday, September 28, 2007

copenhagen. little mermaid. hans christian andersen

This is a really beautiful city. I wish we had a day off here; I never have in the past... which in a way is a good thing because it's also an incredibly expensive city. Everyone here is gorgeous... must be all the cycling they do around town. I don't know.

Autumn has hit us with force. I don't know where it came from; I had my sunshine earlier, but now it's gone. We have tentative plans (and a firm reservation) for the Ice Bar here, but I might be too tired to start guzzling vodka at midnight. How pussy is that? I also don't have a very warm coat and there is some confusion as to whether or not warm coats and mittens are supplied.

We are on the last leg of this tour. Only 8 more shows to go. Sigh.

I really want some sardines.


Polly said...

Why would you need mittens to be supplied when you're a knitter extraordinaire? Whip up a pair! P x x

Angifreak said...

I'll post a photo... they're hooked onto the weird Zenu cloaks they make you wear to keep your body from melting all the ice. It was... interesting.