Sunday, September 2, 2007

european vacation?

Today we're in Oxford -- our first "real" show is tomorrow night; today is a type of production run-through to see what doesn't work. So far the staging is fucked up. That's nice.

Flying over on Wednesday was relatively stress-free! I was offered a transfer from BA to Lufthansa which would leave sooner, arrive one hour later, but I'd have $400 in my pocket for agreeing to swap. I don't like Lufthansa, but it was worth it in the end...

Thursday afternoon, met up with a friend. He has lost an amazing amount of weight and almost doesn't look like himself! We had a coffee. I had coffee all afternoon, and by the time we met up with the others for a late dinner, I also had a curious case of the cranks. It was extreme.

So, some sleep later, I felt better. Friday was spent taking care of the sabotaged costume... doesn't even look like anything was ever wrong with it! Hoorah!

Saturday? Flight to Dublin. Electric Picnic. Saw two old co-workers. Skinny guy from the Jesus and Mary Chain -- the one with the fro? He's now old and fat. Eh. Beastie Boys? They are 2/3 all grey. It was a long day, but it didn't rain.

Today? Flight from Dublin to London, drive to Oxford. Find out that our (the crew) hotel is crap... haven't gone there yet, it's now quarter past 9 in the evening. I don't know that I'll ever see my bed... and really? I just need to see the insides of my eyelids. Damnitall.

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