Tuesday, October 30, 2007

staunton, va

We're stopped here for 12 hours while our driver sleeps... we're so very close to Richmond, but not close enough to take a cab. Staunton's claim to fame is that Woodrow Wilson was born here... and there are Menonites here, too. I know this because I went to the "Everything Virginia" store and they had the cookbook. I bought a "Virginia is for lovers" shirt and a snowglobe. These are my big purchases for the day.

I'm chilling on the bus waiting to leave... for Poughkeepsie, NY. yay.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


...fest. Houston. I'm sitting on the bus waiting for Chris Cornell to do his set... and then I'm going to watch about 1 Smashing Pumpkins thing. I'm tired. I'm sweaty. I stink. We have two days to get to Poughkeepsie, so really, I should get the hell off the bus, but I just can't be bothered.

I think my friend had her baby... just waiting for a phone call.

I broke down and bought a ring. It's BIG.

I have nothing. I'm logging off.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

some days are better than others

We spent our day off in Fort Wayne, IN yesterday... we had one crew room and one band room between 9 of us... which was great. I guess I'm more a five-star touring kind of girl. Well, not really, but to never have a hotel room? On a 7 week tour? Um... not my kind of tour.

Anyhow, I went to dinner with a couple of the guys and when we got back to the bus, we walked in on the bassist belting out some song on his new karaoke mic (just remembered: Easy (like Sunday morning...)). He looked moderately embarrassed and then tried to get us to participate. I'm WAY to shy and (on this tour) sober to do any singing.

That was the highlight of my day yesterday. Today we're at the gig; it's grim, but non-smoking (small hoorah!) and tomorrow we're driving to Graceland. Photos should follow barring any unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

chicago. house of blues.

Oh, so many drunk people... it was a bit of a vomitorium what with one of the boys in Framing Handley puking on stage and the concertgoer who had had a bit too much to drink who left a puke trail from the hall to the gents. Ah, rock and roll.

So, it looks like I'll be going home from one of the Carolinas. I wish I were flying sooner, but there's hope on my horizon. I'll be back to swimming with grannies and bending and sweating in yoga class in no time. Hoorah.

I'm done.

Monday, October 22, 2007

mount clemens


It's a very small town.

People are very friendly.

It's unseasonably warm.

Yesterday was a travel day from Vegas... what a drama that show was. First, nobody had talked to one another, so I didn't have a ticket. The merch company thought I was going on the bus from Milwaukee to Vegas overnight. Um. Not unless the bus had wings.

I got to Vegas and there was no product... this after I spent a good part of the day in Milwaukee prepping the shipment that came to me from Flint, MI -- it should've gone straight to Vegas, but since I was "traveling on the bus" it came to me in WI. Sigh.

We didn't sleep after the Milwaukee show... drove straight to the airport and flew at 7am. That sucked. On the plus-side, I was too tired to be freaked out about the flight... and the turbulence. When I got to Vegas, I had to rent a car bec. I was told that my boxes would be about 1/2 a mile from the gig. Um, they were shipped to the gig... but it didn't matter because they didn't ship on time and they were brought straight to me.

Then the wind hit. It was blustery and miserable. As in, my eyes were crusted over with dirt the next morning... and THEN I almost got kicked off my flight (it was well oversold). I'm *thisclose* to going home. I can't wait.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

sauget, illinois

Who knew that Sauget is EAST St. Louis? I didn't. Thank god I looked up the gig before I booked my ticket -- I was going to fly to Chicago, which would've made for a very expensive cab ride. As it turns out, my cab ride was par for the course: Somalian driver... couldn't understand why I was working at a strip club. Ahem. That's what this gig is "nestled between" -- a bunch of raunchy strip joints -- they don't have them in St. Louis (according to the driver). I don't know that I believe him... not entirely.

On the plus-side, the band and crew are really nice. I was very pleasantly surprised when I rolled up and they were actually expecting me! AND I have an OK bunk -- a top one, but they're going to move around so I can have one closer to the ground.

We also have a fiancee on the bus -- is Asian, too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

road rage

Ohmygod. I'm going on the road again... in two days. Backsliding. Rock band. Should be interesting... watch this space for stories of whores and drugs and rock'n'roll (or the mundane, trivial details of my life with a new crew).

Friday, October 12, 2007

i'm on my way... home sweet home?

Actually, I'm home. Last show at the Muffathalle was good; Jake flew the fox in from the center and I missed it. Val, Ian, Dax and I went in to town (on a Sunday) to have a bier on the last day of Oktoberfest -- it was freakishly deserted except for the teams of British revelers out taking in the sunshine and the brews. People were wearing very funny hats.

Hollywood neither thanked me nor said farewell. Sigh. I wasn't really expecting anything more from them than they gave me, but I'm still a little salty over it all. To be fair, the Little 'un did start to say something, but I cut her off -- she didn't realize I was going to the hotel and flying home from Munich. I was already missing those folk I really enjoy before we had hugged and parted... I'm almost too tired to be missing anyone today. Day four at home and I'm still waking at weird hours and sleeping before the sun has set.

I had agreed to do some office work when I returned home and then immediately regretted it. Luckily I've dodged that bullet -- they can't figure out how they're going to pay me on the sly (it needs to be hidden within the budget). Hoorah!

Last night I met with a friend who is on a tough tour... thing is he's only one week into a six-week tour and he looks like he's been on the road for a month. Poor guy... he took this as a favor and it's a band he actually likes, but it's not working for him, unfortunately. Tonight I'm going to try to stay awake and see Jose Gonzalez -- I worked with him last year and he's a really fabulous person. One of the lighting techs we had on the US bit of this tour is now out with Jose, so I'm really going to make an effort at consciousness. Oh, the battle I'm facing!

More to update later. Right now I'm up to my ears in scarf and dalek knitting. It's so nice to be home.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

two shows to go

Cologne today. E-werk. Saturday. Tomorrow is our last show of this tour... I've got mixed feelings; while I'm sad to be leaving the people I really love working with, I'm ecstatic to see the backsides of some (hopefully forever). I feel like an awful person, but I don't want to help myself.

Dax was insightful when he suggested that I'm creating drama. I know that's certainly the case... I'm really fortunate to have been given an opportunity to do something other than swag -- which I feel I've back-slided into over the last few years. When he explained some of the things he deals with on a daily basis (beyond the drunken punters and the accounting), I realized that I really don't have anything to be upset over. Yeah, sure, the two BV's are annoying, but that's all on them... and the other bitch, well, she's just who she is and I doubt I'll ever work with her again. I'd really be surprised, in a bad way, if she turned up on a tour I'm doing -- unless she's back at her local gig and is working for the house. Even then, I doubt I'd be very nostalgic with her since she's just a silly girl and I really don't have time for those types.

So, last night's drama was just that. I need to develop a thicker skin, really, because wherever you are someone is going to be bitching about you. Can't be helped, really, can it? I just get frustrated over the fact that they bitch around me and not actually TO me. Again, that's on them, not me. Just means I should take note and make sure I always address issues with the people I have a problem with and not talk around them -- resolution is a direct route.

I can't believe how heavy my suitcase(s) have become. I haven't bought much... a couple of snowglobes... that's it, really. Must be all the lint I've collected -- or the rocks people have hidden in my bags. Yeah, it's probably rocks.

Friday, October 5, 2007

berlin, show day

OHMYGOD! I'm in a foul mood... was in a decent mood, but it's all gone down-hill since before the show. The 'merican BV's blanked me for most of the day and now Tim is here (the costume-maker) and they're bitching about me, in the sweetest possible way. ARGH.

The show was good, though. That's one positive thing. Hoorah!

I'll write more about tonight during the day tomorrow. I just can't be bothered at the moment.

berlin, day off

Relatively uneventful... I slept. And slept some more. We went out for dinner at a nice German pub-restaurant called Gaffel Kolsch (no idea what it means). There's a "bears on parade" thing going on here -- we had an upside-down pink one greeting us at the hotel... and one in a suit outside the Gaffel Kolsch last night. I'm really too tired to investigate further.

I remember the Columbiahalle -- it's where our 50 pound "lottery syndicate" money was stolen on the last tour. I have my finger on Jimmy, the bus driver because he took 500 pounds from my bunk. What's an extra 50 when you get away with 500, right?

The boys (as in Faddie and Whittle) are playing online sex-games in the production office. OK, not sex games per se, but "slap the lass on the ass" is one of them and now they've got something equally silly going.

I'm devastated at my lack of self-control with the food and everything. I exercised some restraint last night on the alcohol front -- Dax set a bad example and I didn't want to be teased too much today, so I had three or four beers and called it a day.

Must remember to get my passport back from the driver -- or I will have a self-fulfilling prophecy type experience at the airport on Monday. I don't even want to tempt fate in that way... not this week, anyhow.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Used to be Karl-Marx-Strab, but the name was changed back after re-unification. Today is "Reunification Day" so even though it's Wednesday, it feels like a German Sunday. Fab.

I'm beyond tired today; four more shows... four more shows... then home. Right now, at this very moment, I'm excited to be going home to sunshine, clean sheets, my bed, and a good shower. I can't wait to cook for myself and exercise on a semi-regular basis... and not get yelled at by anyone but my mother. Hoorah. I'm sure I'll feel differently in a few hours, but just now, I'm ready.

All of my fingernails have broken... some to the quick. It's tragic. I'm a good candidate for some acrylics, but they scare me what with the potential for fungus and all the maintenance that's involved with having fake nails.

I'm dreading office work, which it looks like I might have lined up when I return home. I don't think I fit into any of my suits for a start. The regular hour thing is daunting, too. What to do?

On the plus-side, I finished the cardigan, however my camera chose to break about 30 minutes ago, so I have no way to upload the evidence. Damnitall. I bet the warranty just expired, too. Oh well.

That's my post for the day. Tomorrow is a day off in Berlin at the Hilton (which means posh internet access -- most likely in the range of $30 which is ridiculous, in my opinion -- and no posts til show day). I'm so looking forward to a day in a hotel room. I had tentatively planned to do this crazy driving tour of the city, but I think sleep is my priority. We're almost done here, folks. I can't go home sick.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Last night's show was good... as good as one would expect when the hall wasn't even half-sold. The venue was gorgeous -- an abandoned railway station that was crescent shaped and seemed to go on and on and on...

Anyhow, laundry was washed... and "ruined." This wasn't my fault, can you believe it? I still got the blame for something dark running on the whites, but thankfully I wasn't the one who started the wash (and yet I STILL got the blame?) Oh well, only four more shows after tonight and then my laundry days are over for a while.

Today we're back at the CCH3 in Hamburg. Three years ago I took a photo of the ceiling with my cameraphone, but had no way to download it or forward it or anything. When I had my phone unlocked the photo was deleted and I was devastated. I'm looking forward to getting my photo in today. I also bought a snowglobe! Three years late.
So far the day has been relatively stress-free. I can't get my wardrobe cases up to the dressing room which stinks... this means I'll be the stairmaster yet again.

Time for photos!

Monday, October 1, 2007

this one is for polly

I'm almost finished with my cardigan... the Belle Cardigan by Twinkle in the most recent Interweave Knits. I decided to do the button-band last night, and created holes when I increased as a yo instead of a m1. D'oh. I'm so tempted to rip and re-knit, but I might try to work with it. Photos forthcoming. I get grief from the crew about my knitting; but they've all been checking my progress (rather, the lack thereof).

Anyhow, this is a picture of a recent (last summer) yarn binge. A great shop closed near me, and after spending $500, I had to stop. These are all "luxury" yarns, neatly stacked in my yarn closet awaiting very special projects:
Some might say I have a problem
What's here? Three bags of Noro, one of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, Socks That Rock stuff, three bags of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed and a Lana del Nord bag of cream wool. Not pictured? The two additional bags of Noro, one more bag of Cashmerino and something else that I can't remember at the moment. Clearly I have a "problem".

I'm just waiting for pictures to load to Flickr... it's taking forever today. It's raining and I want to take a nap... I'm already getting that "end of tour" sleepiness thing. I can't wait to get home and sleep for a few days... oh, how lovely will that be? It's in the 80's in Denver; too bad I've already started packing on the winter weight. More to love!

bielefeld... and redemption

Our gig today is in an abandoned railway station... it's interesting. I think I like it. I also like the bread. And all the pork. I'll post more later... just waking up right about now.

Dirty Dick Boy sent me an apology. OK, sure, via email, but it's something. I feel much, much less crazy now. Hoorah!