Friday, October 5, 2007

berlin, day off

Relatively uneventful... I slept. And slept some more. We went out for dinner at a nice German pub-restaurant called Gaffel Kolsch (no idea what it means). There's a "bears on parade" thing going on here -- we had an upside-down pink one greeting us at the hotel... and one in a suit outside the Gaffel Kolsch last night. I'm really too tired to investigate further.

I remember the Columbiahalle -- it's where our 50 pound "lottery syndicate" money was stolen on the last tour. I have my finger on Jimmy, the bus driver because he took 500 pounds from my bunk. What's an extra 50 when you get away with 500, right?

The boys (as in Faddie and Whittle) are playing online sex-games in the production office. OK, not sex games per se, but "slap the lass on the ass" is one of them and now they've got something equally silly going.

I'm devastated at my lack of self-control with the food and everything. I exercised some restraint last night on the alcohol front -- Dax set a bad example and I didn't want to be teased too much today, so I had three or four beers and called it a day.

Must remember to get my passport back from the driver -- or I will have a self-fulfilling prophecy type experience at the airport on Monday. I don't even want to tempt fate in that way... not this week, anyhow.

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