Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Used to be Karl-Marx-Strab, but the name was changed back after re-unification. Today is "Reunification Day" so even though it's Wednesday, it feels like a German Sunday. Fab.

I'm beyond tired today; four more shows... four more shows... then home. Right now, at this very moment, I'm excited to be going home to sunshine, clean sheets, my bed, and a good shower. I can't wait to cook for myself and exercise on a semi-regular basis... and not get yelled at by anyone but my mother. Hoorah. I'm sure I'll feel differently in a few hours, but just now, I'm ready.

All of my fingernails have broken... some to the quick. It's tragic. I'm a good candidate for some acrylics, but they scare me what with the potential for fungus and all the maintenance that's involved with having fake nails.

I'm dreading office work, which it looks like I might have lined up when I return home. I don't think I fit into any of my suits for a start. The regular hour thing is daunting, too. What to do?

On the plus-side, I finished the cardigan, however my camera chose to break about 30 minutes ago, so I have no way to upload the evidence. Damnitall. I bet the warranty just expired, too. Oh well.

That's my post for the day. Tomorrow is a day off in Berlin at the Hilton (which means posh internet access -- most likely in the range of $30 which is ridiculous, in my opinion -- and no posts til show day). I'm so looking forward to a day in a hotel room. I had tentatively planned to do this crazy driving tour of the city, but I think sleep is my priority. We're almost done here, folks. I can't go home sick.

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Polly said...

Thanks for the yarn porn!!! It was beautiful. There's something about unknitted wool that's so exciting. The potential, I guess. You have to upload a photo of your cardigan when you get home so I can see. I'm still knitting my mittens. Hope you enjoy your last few gigs and your return home. Hope to see you soon again on tour. P x x x