Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Last night's show was good... as good as one would expect when the hall wasn't even half-sold. The venue was gorgeous -- an abandoned railway station that was crescent shaped and seemed to go on and on and on...

Anyhow, laundry was washed... and "ruined." This wasn't my fault, can you believe it? I still got the blame for something dark running on the whites, but thankfully I wasn't the one who started the wash (and yet I STILL got the blame?) Oh well, only four more shows after tonight and then my laundry days are over for a while.

Today we're back at the CCH3 in Hamburg. Three years ago I took a photo of the ceiling with my cameraphone, but had no way to download it or forward it or anything. When I had my phone unlocked the photo was deleted and I was devastated. I'm looking forward to getting my photo in today. I also bought a snowglobe! Three years late.
So far the day has been relatively stress-free. I can't get my wardrobe cases up to the dressing room which stinks... this means I'll be the stairmaster yet again.

Time for photos!

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