Monday, October 22, 2007

mount clemens


It's a very small town.

People are very friendly.

It's unseasonably warm.

Yesterday was a travel day from Vegas... what a drama that show was. First, nobody had talked to one another, so I didn't have a ticket. The merch company thought I was going on the bus from Milwaukee to Vegas overnight. Um. Not unless the bus had wings.

I got to Vegas and there was no product... this after I spent a good part of the day in Milwaukee prepping the shipment that came to me from Flint, MI -- it should've gone straight to Vegas, but since I was "traveling on the bus" it came to me in WI. Sigh.

We didn't sleep after the Milwaukee show... drove straight to the airport and flew at 7am. That sucked. On the plus-side, I was too tired to be freaked out about the flight... and the turbulence. When I got to Vegas, I had to rent a car bec. I was told that my boxes would be about 1/2 a mile from the gig. Um, they were shipped to the gig... but it didn't matter because they didn't ship on time and they were brought straight to me.

Then the wind hit. It was blustery and miserable. As in, my eyes were crusted over with dirt the next morning... and THEN I almost got kicked off my flight (it was well oversold). I'm *thisclose* to going home. I can't wait.

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