Thursday, October 18, 2007

sauget, illinois

Who knew that Sauget is EAST St. Louis? I didn't. Thank god I looked up the gig before I booked my ticket -- I was going to fly to Chicago, which would've made for a very expensive cab ride. As it turns out, my cab ride was par for the course: Somalian driver... couldn't understand why I was working at a strip club. Ahem. That's what this gig is "nestled between" -- a bunch of raunchy strip joints -- they don't have them in St. Louis (according to the driver). I don't know that I believe him... not entirely.

On the plus-side, the band and crew are really nice. I was very pleasantly surprised when I rolled up and they were actually expecting me! AND I have an OK bunk -- a top one, but they're going to move around so I can have one closer to the ground.

We also have a fiancee on the bus -- is Asian, too.

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