Saturday, October 6, 2007

two shows to go

Cologne today. E-werk. Saturday. Tomorrow is our last show of this tour... I've got mixed feelings; while I'm sad to be leaving the people I really love working with, I'm ecstatic to see the backsides of some (hopefully forever). I feel like an awful person, but I don't want to help myself.

Dax was insightful when he suggested that I'm creating drama. I know that's certainly the case... I'm really fortunate to have been given an opportunity to do something other than swag -- which I feel I've back-slided into over the last few years. When he explained some of the things he deals with on a daily basis (beyond the drunken punters and the accounting), I realized that I really don't have anything to be upset over. Yeah, sure, the two BV's are annoying, but that's all on them... and the other bitch, well, she's just who she is and I doubt I'll ever work with her again. I'd really be surprised, in a bad way, if she turned up on a tour I'm doing -- unless she's back at her local gig and is working for the house. Even then, I doubt I'd be very nostalgic with her since she's just a silly girl and I really don't have time for those types.

So, last night's drama was just that. I need to develop a thicker skin, really, because wherever you are someone is going to be bitching about you. Can't be helped, really, can it? I just get frustrated over the fact that they bitch around me and not actually TO me. Again, that's on them, not me. Just means I should take note and make sure I always address issues with the people I have a problem with and not talk around them -- resolution is a direct route.

I can't believe how heavy my suitcase(s) have become. I haven't bought much... a couple of snowglobes... that's it, really. Must be all the lint I've collected -- or the rocks people have hidden in my bags. Yeah, it's probably rocks.

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Polly said...

When things are bad, just remember all the wool there is in the world. And waiting for you at home. Wool is always lovely. I know how weird it is to finish a tour though, so I hope you have a smooth transition.