Tuesday, November 27, 2007

stitchin (not) bitches

I went outside my comfort zone tonight and went to a local (NW Denver) knitting group thing at a pub near my house. It was great! I went with a bit of apprehension, but all the women there were very welcoming... not snobby, not pretentious, just really nice, decent people. I'm excited.

That's my news for the day. That and I bought Ian this ridiculous Darth Vader "laptop" that is going to cost more to ship than the silly thing cost to begin with. Sigh. Maybe I'll send it surface and he'll have it for his birthday. In May.

Monday, November 26, 2007

instant gratification

I got interesting "news" yesterday in that a friend is getting married. I spent the weekend feeling sorry for myself (it IS the beginning of the holiday season and self-loathing goes so well with turkey and pumpkin pie, duh!) I stopped myself mid-sob because I realized how ridiculous I was being... silly girl... because I really am happy for Matt and really not that unhappy for myself. I am a work in progress, clearly.

In the midst of my meltdown, I managed to start and complete two projects: the Natty hat from Knit and Tonic and a novelty yarn cowl of my own simple design. Here's proof.

In other news, there is no news. I need to motivate myself to get out the door to the pool... it wasn't crowded on Friday -- I expect it'll be pretty empty from here until New Year's. Oh, I did get the swift and ball winder I ordered; the postman delivered it to one of my neighbors and they managed to FINALLY bring it by yesterday. It's great -- now I have a reason to stock up the stash!

Friday, November 23, 2007

friday night. alrigh'?

Sigh. Another Friday night home alone... on the couch. I'm in a knitting frenzy at the moment -- the knitting seems to pick up in inverse proportion to the temperature. It's FREEZING outside! It's amazing to think that on Monday we were basking in a summery 80 degrees and absolute sunshine and the next day the temperature dropped 50 degrees. It hasn't yet recovered.

I skipped the turkey festivities this year on account of the never-ending weight and fitness freakout. I'm actually trying to drop the 10 pounds my doctor told me to lose before I gained another 10 pounds... I have a "meeting" with a nutritionist on December 5th (on account of my pre-Diabetic status). I know they're going to tell me that I'm going to have to live a life of deprivation or... DIE. I'm just taking the first baby steps now. I went to the pool today and success (!) after the guy who was swimming like a fish left, I was the most coordinated in the lanes. It was the tiny ego boost I needed to do those last 4 laps.

So, back to the knitting. I'm making Daleks for a couple of friends... they don't read this blog, so I can post pictures. Here's what I accomplished today. He looks a little deflated and well, that's because his innards are all hanging out (the stuffing is in a bag in the closet. Since I'm making two, this one is my "experimental Dalek" -- I realized that I forgot to change the color on the plunger arm for the fan-bit and the bobbles are a bit weird... this one will go to a guy -- he probably won't notice the imperfections.

I got sucked into the "Black Friday" madness a little bit. One of the groups I joined on Ravelry had a notice about a big sale at Knit Knack in "Olde Town" Arvada -- everything was knocked down a minimum of 20%. I went to check it out. OHMYGOD. I could've lost my head, but I managed to walk out with a reasonable 3 balls of Plymouth Boku (knock-off Noro -- it's gorge) and some Tonalita and a set of needles I'm gifting to a friend. They have a WALL OF NORO. It's amazing. And Manos del Uruguay. Luckily the sale is on through December 2nd. I know I'll be back there before long. This shop is so nice; I never knew it was there -- I practically live at the Costco just down the hill from Olde Town, but I never go there. Anyhow, this shop is across the street from the weaving studio I wanted to check out (I didn't go in today on account of the intimidation of the weavers and the giant looms in the front window...)

I'm still waiting for my ball winder and swift. Once these arrive I'll have a good reason to stay in on a Friday night. Or not.

Monday, November 19, 2007

must read the fine print

Today was a bit of a disappointment but it ended well. I went to Lamb Shoppe to get my "birthday month" discount and picked out two pairs of Addi Turbos for socks... however when I got to the counter to pay, after waiting a good 20 minutes for the clerk to get someone to help her with the discount, I was told that the discount didn't apply to anything but yarn. Bastards. On one hand, this means I can go back and get 20% off yarn... something Rowan and Big perhaps, but it would've been nice to get the discount today. Sigh.

I had a similar experience at Sephora when I went in to get my "free birthday present." They've put smaller Sephora shops INSIDE JC Penny stores (which I learned when I checked out the website before driving all the way out to Northfield). I just didn't want to drive to Boulder today -- even though it's close to 80 and sunny and tomorrow promises to be about 50 degrees colder with possible snow. Sigh. Anyhow, because the JCP shops aren't "full-service" Sephora shops, they don't honor the promotions the regular shops have. ARGH! They also don't have the full-line of products. So I drove to Boulder to get some Dr. Hauschka stuff (I hate spending money at Whole Foods) and my birthday gift. Oh, I was so excited to be at a full-service Sephora! The products!! The freebies!!! Wait, where's the Dr. Hauschka? Where are the rows of orange and white boxes neatly lining the shelves? They just stopped carrying these products. I almost cried. I got my Bliss "Birthday Suit" lotion and left. Oh well, I saved myself some money, so not all was lost.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I've decided that until I start working again, this will be my crafting journal.

On a side-note, I ordered a book through the fine people at Blurb.com. It's a photo journal of the Erasure tour that I put together for Val and possibly another for Ian. He's not terribly sentimental, but seeing as he didn't have a camera on tour, I thought I might send him one so he could re-live the magic. I don't know that he'll appreciate it, though...

I'm excited about the book! I ordered one to preview... if it's great, then I'll order more, or maybe just make it available for people to buy online. I'm undecided. And cheap. And on the cusp of a financial freak-out due to lack of work prospects in the coming months.

My friend, Thom quit the Winehouse tour -- I read about it on PerezHilton.com??? He's a minor celebrity now. That makes three people I've worked with who have made internet celebrity status via the pink pages of Perez Hilton. It's only a matter of time before I'm there myself... well, probably not.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

happy birthday... to meee

Yesterday. I have two friends born on the same day; we all, strangely, had somewhat disappointing birthdays this year. I learned that the gig I was half-banking on early next year isn't going to happen (not for me anyhow). On the upside of the 40 or so replies to my silly email that I sent out, I did get $20 in return towards the purchase of a stand mixer. That's two dozen cookies I need to bake.

I'm a bit too hungover to start my sewing project. I wouldn't want to make an errant cut in the fabric... or possibly sew my fingers into it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

sew right

I had to go to the Hancock Fabrics near my house to pick up some buttons for Hannah's bibs before sending today. I couldn't believe the cool cottons they have in stock -- Hancock Fabrics??? I bought three yards of some blue/black combos to make the Amy Singer laundry bag out of.

As the cutting-counter attendant measured out and then cut the yards out for me, I felt transported back to my childhood when my mother would take me to the fabric store to pick colors for the clothes she would make me. I usually hated her creations; I wanted store-bought clothing and I just wasn't able to appreciate the time and effort my mother put into making me pinafores and button-down shirts and trousers and skirts. She really was a skilled seamstress, but arthritis has put her crafting on the back-burner these last few years. It's just funny that the distinct sound of the scissors working their way through the fabric on the counter top could conjure such memories.

i love the couch

I'm home. I'm almost well-rested... the sun is shining and it's pleasant outside. I've been swimming the last two days and the pool just opened for the day, so here's me. Out the door!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

the bus tried to eat my watch, but did not succeed

I tell you what. I was gutted over having lost my watch. I was certain it was karmic intervention... I did "borrow" a crap kettle from the NJ gig and my watch did disappear the same day. Luckily Rachel lost her black bra today and Thom (of the midget fist) suggested the bus intake vent might have sucked it in. Bra was returned and I gave it a half-hearted check for the missing watch. Success! My day completely turned around.

I'm still freezing... this time in Baltimore. I had good luck shopping and then a return of the watch. The only thing that could've capped off my day and made it just shy of perfect would've been a warm chocolate-chip cookie and glass of milk. I settled for McDonald's cookies. As I walked out the door, a neon Panera sign beckoned me. I resisted and settled for my 3 for $1 McCookies. And so, although not a perfect day, a pretty good one.

I'm home in 4 days. Hoorah! Tomorrow is the HoB in N. Myrtle Beach and Alligator Adventure. Yeehaw!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

way to go o-hi-o

Oh dear. I'm tired... to the bone. I'm writing to try and stay awake, but it's not working. I fear I might have to go down for a nap for about an hour or so... the end result is typically me feeling like poo. Sigh.

Doors are at 6:00. This is unfortunate seeing as we had advanced a 7pm door. Interesting.

Last night was ridiculous. I'm now what, 5 days from home? Hoorah! Four more shows (counting tonight), day off, airport, home. Yay!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

riverdale, nj

Our gig tonight is at the bass player's father's bar. Say that five times fast, sucker.

Actually, I'm the sucker. I'm vending and they've set me up in the "VIP Lounge" -- the portal to my space is being guarded by two goombas, and as such, nobody is buying anything. I wasn't inclined to sell seeing as Ronnie's father wants 20% of my gross, but I'm here "vending" and nobody is buying. I expect I've given away more merchandise than I'm going to sell this evening. Fabulous.

I'm tired. Yesterday was our only full day off. Every other day has been a travel day (crazy travel like the drive from Houston to Poughkeepsie which took two days). We're off to Ohio tomorrow night... should be better. Will be a proper gig. There are national acts supporting us... it's going to be another cold night, though. I'm so excited to be headed home next Monday. Nothing is going to fuck that up... I plan on waking up in my own bed in 7 days time.

Apologies to the two people who read this: my foul mood is being sponsored by the dumb kid at Starbucks who didn't know abou the "iTunes song a day" promo, my two-day headache, my twisted ankle, my exploding bowels and this horrible cold weather. Oh yeah, I lost my watch in either Worcester or Sayreville -- I think one of Trapt probably has it. I am gutted and bitter.

Friday, November 2, 2007

another day... another cold city

We're in Worcester today; Boston is an "A" market... Worcester is further down the alphabet. We're at the Palladium tonight; it's a true rock club. I don't recognize most of the bands booked in here over the coming weeks. Typical. Is it because I'm getting older or does it have more to do with me liking better music.

Ho hum.

I didn't think I'd do well tonight; figured it was more a Trapt market, but boy was I wrong. We're leaving straight away after the show... we have a 700+ mile drive to somewhere in North Carolina for a radio show. We expect to arrive sometime around noon; we're on at 2pm and the thing is over by 5pm. Five. PM. On a Saturday??? I don't get it.

Right now I'm just about freezing my ass off. This is not a happy place.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

and another thing...

There was a bit of a drama at the concert tonight when a couple decided to get it on in the ladies toilet.... the were kicked out and the gent's sister freaked out because she was in the next stall keeping watch.

It was a white-trash kind of crowd. Nice.

2 days... 2 shows

We're about to leave Sayreville, NJ. Thank god. Yesterday was Poughkeepsie -- which is, sadly, a very depressed town. I did laundry and that was pretty much the highlight of the day... One of the baby bands who is supporting us left the tour... we got a new support band today. I am now without Brian, he who provides endless entertainment with his boundless energy and frenetic dancing. Sigh.

The new band are all nice people. That's a bonus. I go home in 10 days, though. So, so happy. Me.

Tonight is fun party night on the bus. This is unfortunate because everyone hanging out is local and they could go home and carry-on with the party, but they're here. This bus is my home right now. I'm exhausted and the thump-a-thump from the front and the bang-bang in the back lounge is interrupting my sleep sched.

Do you hear that tiny, little violin? Yes, it's playing a sad song for it's mistress. She will be happy again soon enough... and even more so if she can get an early flight home. Oh yes.