Thursday, November 1, 2007

2 days... 2 shows

We're about to leave Sayreville, NJ. Thank god. Yesterday was Poughkeepsie -- which is, sadly, a very depressed town. I did laundry and that was pretty much the highlight of the day... One of the baby bands who is supporting us left the tour... we got a new support band today. I am now without Brian, he who provides endless entertainment with his boundless energy and frenetic dancing. Sigh.

The new band are all nice people. That's a bonus. I go home in 10 days, though. So, so happy. Me.

Tonight is fun party night on the bus. This is unfortunate because everyone hanging out is local and they could go home and carry-on with the party, but they're here. This bus is my home right now. I'm exhausted and the thump-a-thump from the front and the bang-bang in the back lounge is interrupting my sleep sched.

Do you hear that tiny, little violin? Yes, it's playing a sad song for it's mistress. She will be happy again soon enough... and even more so if she can get an early flight home. Oh yes.

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