Friday, November 2, 2007

another day... another cold city

We're in Worcester today; Boston is an "A" market... Worcester is further down the alphabet. We're at the Palladium tonight; it's a true rock club. I don't recognize most of the bands booked in here over the coming weeks. Typical. Is it because I'm getting older or does it have more to do with me liking better music.

Ho hum.

I didn't think I'd do well tonight; figured it was more a Trapt market, but boy was I wrong. We're leaving straight away after the show... we have a 700+ mile drive to somewhere in North Carolina for a radio show. We expect to arrive sometime around noon; we're on at 2pm and the thing is over by 5pm. Five. PM. On a Saturday??? I don't get it.

Right now I'm just about freezing my ass off. This is not a happy place.

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