Thursday, November 8, 2007

the bus tried to eat my watch, but did not succeed

I tell you what. I was gutted over having lost my watch. I was certain it was karmic intervention... I did "borrow" a crap kettle from the NJ gig and my watch did disappear the same day. Luckily Rachel lost her black bra today and Thom (of the midget fist) suggested the bus intake vent might have sucked it in. Bra was returned and I gave it a half-hearted check for the missing watch. Success! My day completely turned around.

I'm still freezing... this time in Baltimore. I had good luck shopping and then a return of the watch. The only thing that could've capped off my day and made it just shy of perfect would've been a warm chocolate-chip cookie and glass of milk. I settled for McDonald's cookies. As I walked out the door, a neon Panera sign beckoned me. I resisted and settled for my 3 for $1 McCookies. And so, although not a perfect day, a pretty good one.

I'm home in 4 days. Hoorah! Tomorrow is the HoB in N. Myrtle Beach and Alligator Adventure. Yeehaw!

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Polly said...

I'm glad you had a good day! Chocolate chip cookies can usually sort anything out, though I'd go for a decaf mocha or organic hot choc rather than milk to drink. Hope you enjoy your trip home! P x x x