Friday, November 23, 2007

friday night. alrigh'?

Sigh. Another Friday night home alone... on the couch. I'm in a knitting frenzy at the moment -- the knitting seems to pick up in inverse proportion to the temperature. It's FREEZING outside! It's amazing to think that on Monday we were basking in a summery 80 degrees and absolute sunshine and the next day the temperature dropped 50 degrees. It hasn't yet recovered.

I skipped the turkey festivities this year on account of the never-ending weight and fitness freakout. I'm actually trying to drop the 10 pounds my doctor told me to lose before I gained another 10 pounds... I have a "meeting" with a nutritionist on December 5th (on account of my pre-Diabetic status). I know they're going to tell me that I'm going to have to live a life of deprivation or... DIE. I'm just taking the first baby steps now. I went to the pool today and success (!) after the guy who was swimming like a fish left, I was the most coordinated in the lanes. It was the tiny ego boost I needed to do those last 4 laps.

So, back to the knitting. I'm making Daleks for a couple of friends... they don't read this blog, so I can post pictures. Here's what I accomplished today. He looks a little deflated and well, that's because his innards are all hanging out (the stuffing is in a bag in the closet. Since I'm making two, this one is my "experimental Dalek" -- I realized that I forgot to change the color on the plunger arm for the fan-bit and the bobbles are a bit weird... this one will go to a guy -- he probably won't notice the imperfections.

I got sucked into the "Black Friday" madness a little bit. One of the groups I joined on Ravelry had a notice about a big sale at Knit Knack in "Olde Town" Arvada -- everything was knocked down a minimum of 20%. I went to check it out. OHMYGOD. I could've lost my head, but I managed to walk out with a reasonable 3 balls of Plymouth Boku (knock-off Noro -- it's gorge) and some Tonalita and a set of needles I'm gifting to a friend. They have a WALL OF NORO. It's amazing. And Manos del Uruguay. Luckily the sale is on through December 2nd. I know I'll be back there before long. This shop is so nice; I never knew it was there -- I practically live at the Costco just down the hill from Olde Town, but I never go there. Anyhow, this shop is across the street from the weaving studio I wanted to check out (I didn't go in today on account of the intimidation of the weavers and the giant looms in the front window...)

I'm still waiting for my ball winder and swift. Once these arrive I'll have a good reason to stay in on a Friday night. Or not.


Polly said...

That is such a great Dalek!!! What a shame you don't live closer, we could have the occasional Friday night knit-in, with me eating fully-loaded chocolate cake and you on the diabetic kind, we could light a fire, cuddle the cat, watch a movie... Look forward to seeing your Daleks stuffed. P x x x

Angifreak said...

Bahaha! I know. I wish I lived closer to you because I have an unnatural love for Rowan; I hope I get a gig next year so I can stay over a bit longer and hit up the Mill for a class.

Have you checked out Ravelry yet? It's a new obsession.

Today is another bitterly cold day so I've taken my position on the couch, I've got some tea brewing and I'm about to pick up the needles. At least having needles in hand keeps me from having cake in hand.

Marin (AntiM) said...

...and a weaving place across from Knit Knack?

Where the hell have I been?