Monday, November 19, 2007

must read the fine print

Today was a bit of a disappointment but it ended well. I went to Lamb Shoppe to get my "birthday month" discount and picked out two pairs of Addi Turbos for socks... however when I got to the counter to pay, after waiting a good 20 minutes for the clerk to get someone to help her with the discount, I was told that the discount didn't apply to anything but yarn. Bastards. On one hand, this means I can go back and get 20% off yarn... something Rowan and Big perhaps, but it would've been nice to get the discount today. Sigh.

I had a similar experience at Sephora when I went in to get my "free birthday present." They've put smaller Sephora shops INSIDE JC Penny stores (which I learned when I checked out the website before driving all the way out to Northfield). I just didn't want to drive to Boulder today -- even though it's close to 80 and sunny and tomorrow promises to be about 50 degrees colder with possible snow. Sigh. Anyhow, because the JCP shops aren't "full-service" Sephora shops, they don't honor the promotions the regular shops have. ARGH! They also don't have the full-line of products. So I drove to Boulder to get some Dr. Hauschka stuff (I hate spending money at Whole Foods) and my birthday gift. Oh, I was so excited to be at a full-service Sephora! The products!! The freebies!!! Wait, where's the Dr. Hauschka? Where are the rows of orange and white boxes neatly lining the shelves? They just stopped carrying these products. I almost cried. I got my Bliss "Birthday Suit" lotion and left. Oh well, I saved myself some money, so not all was lost.

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Marin (AntiM) said...

There's a Sephora at Northfield?