Tuesday, November 6, 2007

riverdale, nj

Our gig tonight is at the bass player's father's bar. Say that five times fast, sucker.

Actually, I'm the sucker. I'm vending and they've set me up in the "VIP Lounge" -- the portal to my space is being guarded by two goombas, and as such, nobody is buying anything. I wasn't inclined to sell seeing as Ronnie's father wants 20% of my gross, but I'm here "vending" and nobody is buying. I expect I've given away more merchandise than I'm going to sell this evening. Fabulous.

I'm tired. Yesterday was our only full day off. Every other day has been a travel day (crazy travel like the drive from Houston to Poughkeepsie which took two days). We're off to Ohio tomorrow night... should be better. Will be a proper gig. There are national acts supporting us... it's going to be another cold night, though. I'm so excited to be headed home next Monday. Nothing is going to fuck that up... I plan on waking up in my own bed in 7 days time.

Apologies to the two people who read this: my foul mood is being sponsored by the dumb kid at Starbucks who didn't know abou the "iTunes song a day" promo, my two-day headache, my twisted ankle, my exploding bowels and this horrible cold weather. Oh yeah, I lost my watch in either Worcester or Sayreville -- I think one of Trapt probably has it. I am gutted and bitter.

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