Saturday, December 1, 2007

do they know it's christmastime?

I guess I'm celebrating this year? Erm, I'm putting my tinsel tree up at any rate... I finally broke it out of it's box (where it's been living for the last 3 years due to fears of spider nests and the like). I'll have to dig out ornaments... and a possibly knit a tree skirt -- or sew one... or maybe just use a towel. I don't want to be *too* festive afterall.

I'm also knitting like it's the holidays. Crazy, insane knitting. My hands are crampy, but the swimming really helps with that.

Next on my list? Cards. Oh deary me.


Polly said...

Your tree looks glorious! Your CD table looks like ours - actually, ours is worse! Loom forward to seeing your Christmas knitting. I made a pair of mittens - will post them soon. P x x x

Polly said...

Wow, that is an amazing store. My senses are really alert at the mo after reading The Gentle Art of Domesticity book. Glad you like my mittens, I'm knitting another pair exactltly the same!!