Monday, December 24, 2007

knitting ocd

I made hats for Kevin and Robert. While we were all in NY, I dragged them out to Purl Soho because I'd never been there -- just their online shop. I was shocked at the tweeness of the shop -- it's just big enough for a dining room table (where they encourage knitting). All the yarn is stacked in 12x12 box shelves from floor to ceiling -- arranged by color. It's just a stunning little store. The fabric shop (which I had to skip on account of the boys, gay as they are, because their eyes were starting to glaze over) was just a couple of doors down. I'll go there next time.

So, I got motivated the last two days and made one hat per day. Robert choose this beautiful chocolatey-brown baby alpaca and Kevin went for black (so practical). Here are the hats... I did the sinful thing and tried them on to take photos. I don't know why I'm so weird about that... it's just a hat and I know I don't have lice or anything, but it does gross me out.

Eh, it's Christmas Eve. I don't celebrate so I've got a stack of rented videos (good ones like "Sherry Baby" and "Little Children" and drek like "Music & Lyrics" so I can get my Hugh Grant fix). I also have The Sweeney boxset to get through, but I might have to save those for Christmas day.

Countdown on to Seattle. Yay!

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Polly said...

Merry Christmas! Your hats are beautiful. And so quickly whipped-up. I just had a call from my mother-in-law - she loved the mittens and placemat I made her so I feel very fulfilled craft-wise! Lots of love, Polly x x x