Saturday, December 29, 2007

last post of '07

Well, I assume it'll be the last post I make this year. I'm headed to Seattle for New Year's (a dry one most likely seeing as Cec. doesn't drink and I hate drinking alone). It'll be good to not be home... not be on the couch thinking about how this year hasn't been a stellar one.

MyAndrew called this morning and invited me to a party tonight; I don't think I'll go. In fact, I know I won't.

I'm staring at that 500GB hard drive I bought on a whim and am thinking I need to return it. Should I trust the reviews I've been reading (mostly by PC owners... mostly negative) or just lump it and take a chance? I'd say the feedback has been 50/50 and most of the reviews from Mac users has been positive, so yeah, I'll probably keep it. I want to try to extend the life of this laptop a little longer since I've been told there's going to be "cool new stuff for Mac next year!" As is the case. I'll wait to get my new laptop until early next year.

My face is being mutinous. I tried that sample of very expensive facial cream (no, not eye cream) last night and woke up to a swollen right eye (hives). I also have a massive zit on my chin... makes me look like more of a witch than I already am... I've got a good day and a half until I need to look kissable (for NYE, natch) so there is hope.


Polly said...

It's 5am here and my brain woke me up and was telling me I hadn't achieved anything in the last eight years (except get married). I hope you have a great New Year's Eve and get lots of kisses, and hope next year is better for you. P x x x

Marin (AntiM) said...

I have absolute faith in your kissability tonight.

Go forth and conquer... and Happy New Year!

Marin (AntiM) said...

And, by the way... you were well-missed Tuesday the first. The Drunken Knitters all asked after you.