Wednesday, January 30, 2008

quitting quitters leaving society

I woke up before sunrise this morning to attend the Obama rally at the University of Denver. Lors went with me (and returned my backpack, thankyouverymuch) and it was a bit disheartening and at the same time really exhilarating to arrive and see not one, but two long, long lines snaking around the campus. I still had hope, arriving an hour before the doors were to open, that we'd get in... we'd have seats... all would be good.

I had hope, but I didn't have warm shoes. My feet started trobbing about 30 minutes into the wait... I didn't bank on waiting out on the pavement, the FROZEN pavement for an hour... I figured, like a silly, silly girl, that waiting out in the sunshine would suffice. Oh was I wrong.

When it got to be 20 minutes before the doors were scheduled to close, Lors and I made an executive decision. We left and went to breakfast. The line was moving at a snail's pace and in the 40 minutes since the doors had opened, we moved forward about 50 yards... I could see the entrance, where the other attendees looked like toy soldiers and we were *thisclose* to getting in, but I figured we might be left in the cold... or standing on the floor, not able to see anything.

Breakfast was great at Lucille's -- NOT vegetarian, but the grits were fabulous.

I did see the Obama rally... on TV. I missed Caroline Kennedy (she introduced him) and found out that he stopped to speak with the people in the overflow rooms before he took the stage. Oh well, there's always August (hopefully I won't be in town) at which time, I'll surely dress inappropriately for the heat.

It's after 6pm, the heat is cranked up and I'm still not warm. Damn you, winter!

Monday, January 28, 2008

oh, and (again)

Kev called... so tomorrow finally arrived. Thank god. OK, I really need to lighten-up. Kev never means he's actually going to call "tomorrow" when he says, "I'll call you tomorrow," he means some vague point in time that is usually not "tomorrow." Even though I know this, I stubbornly resist all temptation to phone him until he calls me. Yes, I'm an asshole.

Anyhow, he called and we had lunch at the University Cafe. I've never eaten there -- it's a "Pete's" franchise, and considering it's adjacent to DU, you'd think it'd be cheap eats? Nope. Well, not cheap like Jerusalem cheap (and not quite as tasty, unfortunately). Anyhow, they've torn down a bunch of buildings and are putting up lofts... for students? My stomach is achy... must've been the fries.

Here's a photo of Kev in his hat... the one I knit up for him BEFORE Christmas... I was just waiting for him to not flake out on me so I could give it to him. On the upside, he seemed to really like it... but I bet he never wears it.

an apple exchange

I had reason to contact customer support for iTunes today. I decided to use one of my gift cards to buy the New Young Pony Club album but when I hit "buy now" the single downloaded. Anyhow, I filled out the "support" form and got a speedy reply that they were going to credit my account for the full amount of the album within 3-5 business days.

I sent off a quick, "Hoorah! You guys rock, thanks!" reply to the automated reply from ToddiTunes and just got this back:

"Dear Angelique,

Thank you for your kind words. Nothing makes Apple happier than to hear that we have pleased our customers. I wish you the best and hope you continue to enjoy the iTunes store.

Best regards,
ToddiTunes Store Customer Support"

Well, it just about made my night. I'm sure this was another automated response, but it put a smile on my face all the same. I absolutely *heart* Apple.

Friday, January 25, 2008


disheveled \dih-SHEV-uhld\, adjective;
also dishevelled:
In loose disorder; disarranged; unkempt; as, "disheveled hair."

This was the "word of the day" on my feed. It kind of describes my life at the moment...

In other news, I was reading about sweatshop labor in the garment industry on a Ravelry forum and one woman wrote that said items should have labels which read, "handmade in a Korean sweatshop." I know that sweatshops are bad, but I actually chortled (out loud) when I read this... the context is irrelevant, just know that if you receive anything handcrafted by me, it will have a sweatshop label attached.

What else? I finally went to Le Chocolatier -- the chocolate shop on 32nd today. It's usually closed... or I'm on a chocolate fast or whatever. I thought that they sold hand-crafted chocolates made I don't know, in the kitchen there but they're imported Belgian chocolates. Read: expensive, imported chocolate. Eh, I broke down and bought a 4-pack... one for me, one for my pen-pal who is going in for a stressful doctor's appointment and really needs some joy.

AND I met my neighbor -- the one in #7. Mr. Neighbor is going for a job which requires some sort of clearance and he needed to get his neighbors names and phone numbers. Mrs. Neighbor just had a baby apparently. I never answer my door when I'm not expecting someone, but seeing as I've been sitting on the couch doing online retail therapy for the last two weeks, I was hoping that the doorbell was announcing the arrival of a package. It was still a pleasant surprise.

On that note, I'm off to bake some cupcakes. I don't know where my hand mixer is, so I went and bought a cheapie one from Target (pronounced Tar-zhay). Fingers crossed that it'll do the job -- eh, the beaters look sufficiently lickable anyway, so it's all good.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

shopping for america

I woke to news that the Dow was down over 400 points at the start of the day... how can they deny we're in the early days of a recession?

So to do my part, I did a bit of shopping... at the Asian market. It's always a treat to go to the mega HMart (it's almost like Walmart for Koreans) because they have amazing things on offer all the time. Unfortunately, I always forget to bring a camera when I go there, so I documented some scores when I got home and unpacked:MyAndrew introduced me to Aloha Shoyu... it's delicious. I prefer it to regular low-sodium Soy Sauce, but I'm still partial to Tamari for cooking. It's just a thing. I've had an addiction to Shrimp Crackers since I was a small child; my mother used to shove a bag in my face whenever we hit the asian market -- I remember sitting in a shopping cart, legs painfully dangling out those leg-holes, slobbering over shrimp crackers. Yes, they're loaded with bad stuff like Palm Oil and MSG but I have a massive soft-spot for these things and I always make sure I get a small(ish) bag to chomp on while I shop... they were 2-for-1 today, so this is the salvaged bag.

The HMart is in close proximity to the "Little Nikita" part of town (i.e. Glendale) so they've always had Eastern European and Russian goodies like canned borscht and pickled veggies from places like Warsaw and Kiev, but there must be more Middle Eastern people in town these days because they now have an aisle dedicated to things like tinned Hommous and Baba Ganouj and other fancy-schmancy canned goods (I picked up some harissa!). I also scored some Tahini -- it was dirt cheap; I just hope it's not made with crude oil...
My last find was sponsored by Brown. Just like my culinary exploits on the recent Seattle trip, the only drinks I bought were brown drinks. The Sexy Man canned coffee? Not so great. Sexy Man aside, I think I'll have to forgo this product on future trips:

Monday, January 21, 2008

more evidence

Surely it's the end of times when the Moldy Peaches are on The View???

Friday, January 18, 2008

another friday night

Home. On the couch. Knitting.

Addiction? Obsession? Maybe extreme laziness... I had to deal with Qwest again today (there's an issue with the security screen on my line, apparently... calls from the UK aren't getting through -- instead of getting me, they get this message, "We're sorry, but you have dialed an incomplete number.")

Anyhow, after being down for a couple of days, the Zeebee Pattern Generator was back up, so I figured I could start Lors' hat. I finished it! In less than three hours?!? What joy a quick knit gives. Seriously. It's a sickness.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

sock progress, pt.1

The color in these photos is decidedly dark, but this project is going quite quickly! Most of this was done this morning and afternoon during commercial breaks while I spent some quality time in front of the TV on "Le Couch."

oh, and

When I got home from Drunken Knitting last night there was an email from Tracy... she didn't like the Bacon Chocolate either. Thank god! I was worried I might have to pretend to like it for her sake...

yo, sock it to me!

I'm working my first pair of socks! I don't know why I was so scared to go "there" before, but so far, so good... toe-up, knee-high, stockinette. I picked up some lovely Trekking Pro Natura (it's superwash wool and bamboo) in a denim-ey colorway at Posh on Sunday, looked at it for two days and finally cast on using the Magic Cast on.

The Magic Cast-on is pretty cool.

OK, that's it... I'll try to remember to post progress here... I'm only half afraid that I'll make it through one sock and then I'll be sick of it, but so far, I love the little stitches and the pattern I'm using is only 60 sts around, so hopefully it'll go fairly fast. I've given up on my mother's vest for the time being -- maybe it'll be finished by Christmas.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

rules aren't always meant to be broken

Case in point:

I first saw this tree in my neighborhood around Thanksgiving. "Interesting," I thought... a dress. On a tree. I thought that maybe it had something to do with Christmas -- considering the dress was red... but still, what the? Right?

On closer inspection, the tree has a face. OK, these have been popping up all over North Denver. I don't think they're cute, or funny... just a little creepy. I rank the tree face decorations right up there with chainsaw "art" made from dead tree stumps. I hate those. I'll take a picture of the big eagle and raccoon that live a couple of blocks away at some point, but I just can't face it today.

I live in a "covenant controlled" community. I always thought it was pretty ridiculous to mandate how many political signs you could display on your front porch... or what color you could paint your house, but now I have an appreciation for these silly rules. Just a little bit.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

heart attack, part deux

I really can't stand bandwagonesque behavior (even though I'm apt to partake myself) -- it's really bad around tragedies. I remember when September 11th happened and a friend of mine, who will remain nameless, had a panic over some guy we had met over the summer at a Radiohead show -- he had been interning at Goldman-Sachs, but I'm fairly certain that his internship had ended by the time we met him in August... anyhow, I felt her concern was more about trying to be connected to the tragedy rather than really caring whether or not this guy had been hurt. It was gross. A similar thing happened this summer when that bridge collapse happened in Minneapolis... three of the guys on our crew (American... coincidence?) just wouldn't SHUT UP about how we had driven across that very bridge 3 days earlier and that, "damn, that was a close call!" No, it wasn't a close call at all.

That said, today instead of being a good girl and going to the pool, I decided to go shopping at the outlets... as I was speeding down I-70, a red blazer cut across all four lanes of traffic, driving East across the Westbound lanes and hit the crash guard. Five of us pulled off the highway, stunned I suppose, because it's really amazing that this guy tore across all those lanes and didn't hit anyone. It was a one-car accident. They were *thisclose* to hitting a bunch of people head-on. I had just been bitching to myself about having been stuck behind a particularly slow Forrester (I have a thing with slow drivers) and suddenly felt lucky that I was slowed down just a little bit -- just enough to be able to slam on my brakes and avoid the out-of-control Blazer. I pulled over to steady my nerves and call 911.

I'm not saying I could've been killed today, because clearly I wasn't involved, but I am saying that other guy was so lucky that I hope he went and bought a lottery ticket.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

not an original bone my body. Honestly. I saw a photo of these (from someone who got the idea from this blog) in my Flickr feed today. You know what I'm going to do this afternoon... yeehaw!

I just need to find a pretty little vase to display my finished needles in... oh dear, that means I NEED to go shopping. For shame.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

heart attack

I found this on another blog today and had to pinch it for my own viewing pleasure:

Your arteries will slowly clog just watching this, but it's so damn true. Bippity-boppity BACON! Hoorah.

In other news my mini-technology ban didn't take hold. I'm down to avoiding social-networking things like MySpace, Facebook and SKYPE. I shouldn't even be on the first two... the third? I rarely get "chatted-up" on it anyway since most of my contacts are in the UK and I've taken to sleeping most of the day. Two more days... let's see how long it takes me to break-down and hop on Skype.

Monday, January 7, 2008

good news... bad news...

I was about 60% certain that I would be working in February; today it changed to 100% positive that I won't be. I'm bummed out. To cheer me up a bit, I'm making another "My So-Called Scarf" in the exact same Katia Venus yarn I did the first one out of -- it's on sale at Posh. I gave the first scarf away... I feel like I need some pink to cheer me up. Here's a picture of the original:

Saturday, January 5, 2008

bad in(vest)ment

I'm knitting a vest for my mother. I wanted to make her something... anything knitted and she said a vest would suit her verywellthankyoukindly. I'm doing this cabled thing from a Patons booklet and it's doing my head in. Seriously. I want to frog it, but I know the end result will be a lovely handknit vest for my mother whom I really do love. The vest? I don't have much love for it.

First, it's got three cabled panels: A, B, and C. A and C are mirror images of each other, four row repeats (well, two really since the WS rows are just knitting as the stitch presents -- i.e. k for knit, p for purl and so on). Panel B is the bain of my existence. It's a 28-row repeat. But I forgot that and ripped back 5 rows once I remembered. I had to map out all the rows because it's one of those patterns written thusly: knit for a while and then decrease here and there and then keep knitting ending on a RS row. OK, it's slightly more detailed than this, and yes, the pattern says it's written for "expert" knitters, but the actual stitches aren't hard... it's the deciphering of the decreases (and subsequent increases) that's for the expert knitter. Sigh. I will carry on, grudgingly and my mother will have a garment that she probably won't wear. She is a knitter however, so she'll probably appreciate the amount of work that's going into this baby. She better or I swear I'll go Knit Nazi on her and "no more knit for you!"

Friday, January 4, 2008

first post of '08

I'm not fond of reminiscing... seems pointless to some extent. I typically feel worse after, so I normally don't write out lists of accomplishments from the preceding year and I try not to make resolutions. That being said, I did make one tiny resolution-type decision: I'm going to stop stressing out about silly stuff. OK, I'm going to TRY.

Seattle was good -- it was great to get out of town again and see Cec. She did take time off work and she did keep me busy the entire time (I had one day of sloth, the rest were filled with activity). I forget she needs little sleep and food to just get by... me on the other hand? I need me a steady intake of food and a restful sleep at the end of the day to function. I spent most of my days in a haze (due to low blood sugar possibly?).

My new favorite cafe/bakery in Seattle is Macrina. It's really a lovely place -- "artisan" breads and lovely pastries... I had my new year black eyed peas (on polenta no less) to secure "good luck" for '08 and Cec had her first slice of Red Velvet Cake. She didn't care for it, unfortunately.

That's it really. Back to the swimming and knitting... I'm current with my yoga studio again, so I'm looking forward to seeing Vitamin E! I don't think I'll take his classes for a while, but it's nice to have something to look forward to.

p.s. "History of Love" is devastating. Read it.