Saturday, January 5, 2008

bad in(vest)ment

I'm knitting a vest for my mother. I wanted to make her something... anything knitted and she said a vest would suit her verywellthankyoukindly. I'm doing this cabled thing from a Patons booklet and it's doing my head in. Seriously. I want to frog it, but I know the end result will be a lovely handknit vest for my mother whom I really do love. The vest? I don't have much love for it.

First, it's got three cabled panels: A, B, and C. A and C are mirror images of each other, four row repeats (well, two really since the WS rows are just knitting as the stitch presents -- i.e. k for knit, p for purl and so on). Panel B is the bain of my existence. It's a 28-row repeat. But I forgot that and ripped back 5 rows once I remembered. I had to map out all the rows because it's one of those patterns written thusly: knit for a while and then decrease here and there and then keep knitting ending on a RS row. OK, it's slightly more detailed than this, and yes, the pattern says it's written for "expert" knitters, but the actual stitches aren't hard... it's the deciphering of the decreases (and subsequent increases) that's for the expert knitter. Sigh. I will carry on, grudgingly and my mother will have a garment that she probably won't wear. She is a knitter however, so she'll probably appreciate the amount of work that's going into this baby. She better or I swear I'll go Knit Nazi on her and "no more knit for you!"

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