Friday, January 25, 2008


disheveled \dih-SHEV-uhld\, adjective;
also dishevelled:
In loose disorder; disarranged; unkempt; as, "disheveled hair."

This was the "word of the day" on my feed. It kind of describes my life at the moment...

In other news, I was reading about sweatshop labor in the garment industry on a Ravelry forum and one woman wrote that said items should have labels which read, "handmade in a Korean sweatshop." I know that sweatshops are bad, but I actually chortled (out loud) when I read this... the context is irrelevant, just know that if you receive anything handcrafted by me, it will have a sweatshop label attached.

What else? I finally went to Le Chocolatier -- the chocolate shop on 32nd today. It's usually closed... or I'm on a chocolate fast or whatever. I thought that they sold hand-crafted chocolates made I don't know, in the kitchen there but they're imported Belgian chocolates. Read: expensive, imported chocolate. Eh, I broke down and bought a 4-pack... one for me, one for my pen-pal who is going in for a stressful doctor's appointment and really needs some joy.

AND I met my neighbor -- the one in #7. Mr. Neighbor is going for a job which requires some sort of clearance and he needed to get his neighbors names and phone numbers. Mrs. Neighbor just had a baby apparently. I never answer my door when I'm not expecting someone, but seeing as I've been sitting on the couch doing online retail therapy for the last two weeks, I was hoping that the doorbell was announcing the arrival of a package. It was still a pleasant surprise.

On that note, I'm off to bake some cupcakes. I don't know where my hand mixer is, so I went and bought a cheapie one from Target (pronounced Tar-zhay). Fingers crossed that it'll do the job -- eh, the beaters look sufficiently lickable anyway, so it's all good.


Polly said...

If you bought a 4 pack of chocolate - one for your and one for your friend, what happened to the other TWO??? Mmmhmmm?
I'm on a chocolate fast myself at the moment. Hasn't been too bad so far but I'm looking forward to Easter, when I'm allowing myself a LARGE Easter egg. Polly x x x

Angifreak said...

Oh, I need to correct that... I bought TWO 4-packs. One went into the post, the other went into my belly. Sigh. I need to do a chocolate fast -- tomorrow. I made cupcakes last night.

Easter eggs in the UK are so much nicer than the ones here. Sigh. Hopefully I'll get over there this year!