Tuesday, January 8, 2008

heart attack

I found this on another blog today and had to pinch it for my own viewing pleasure:

Your arteries will slowly clog just watching this, but it's so damn true. Bippity-boppity BACON! Hoorah.

In other news my mini-technology ban didn't take hold. I'm down to avoiding social-networking things like MySpace, Facebook and SKYPE. I shouldn't even be on the first two... the third? I rarely get "chatted-up" on it anyway since most of my contacts are in the UK and I've taken to sleeping most of the day. Two more days... let's see how long it takes me to break-down and hop on Skype.


Marin (AntiM) said...

Thank you very much. You've been like bacon.

Oh, how I love Jim Gaffigan.

Angifreak said...

Oh yes, he is very funny... it made me a little sad to see him on soda commercials, but you've got to pay the bills, I suppose.