Monday, January 28, 2008

oh, and (again)

Kev called... so tomorrow finally arrived. Thank god. OK, I really need to lighten-up. Kev never means he's actually going to call "tomorrow" when he says, "I'll call you tomorrow," he means some vague point in time that is usually not "tomorrow." Even though I know this, I stubbornly resist all temptation to phone him until he calls me. Yes, I'm an asshole.

Anyhow, he called and we had lunch at the University Cafe. I've never eaten there -- it's a "Pete's" franchise, and considering it's adjacent to DU, you'd think it'd be cheap eats? Nope. Well, not cheap like Jerusalem cheap (and not quite as tasty, unfortunately). Anyhow, they've torn down a bunch of buildings and are putting up lofts... for students? My stomach is achy... must've been the fries.

Here's a photo of Kev in his hat... the one I knit up for him BEFORE Christmas... I was just waiting for him to not flake out on me so I could give it to him. On the upside, he seemed to really like it... but I bet he never wears it.

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