Wednesday, January 30, 2008

quitting quitters leaving society

I woke up before sunrise this morning to attend the Obama rally at the University of Denver. Lors went with me (and returned my backpack, thankyouverymuch) and it was a bit disheartening and at the same time really exhilarating to arrive and see not one, but two long, long lines snaking around the campus. I still had hope, arriving an hour before the doors were to open, that we'd get in... we'd have seats... all would be good.

I had hope, but I didn't have warm shoes. My feet started trobbing about 30 minutes into the wait... I didn't bank on waiting out on the pavement, the FROZEN pavement for an hour... I figured, like a silly, silly girl, that waiting out in the sunshine would suffice. Oh was I wrong.

When it got to be 20 minutes before the doors were scheduled to close, Lors and I made an executive decision. We left and went to breakfast. The line was moving at a snail's pace and in the 40 minutes since the doors had opened, we moved forward about 50 yards... I could see the entrance, where the other attendees looked like toy soldiers and we were *thisclose* to getting in, but I figured we might be left in the cold... or standing on the floor, not able to see anything.

Breakfast was great at Lucille's -- NOT vegetarian, but the grits were fabulous.

I did see the Obama rally... on TV. I missed Caroline Kennedy (she introduced him) and found out that he stopped to speak with the people in the overflow rooms before he took the stage. Oh well, there's always August (hopefully I won't be in town) at which time, I'll surely dress inappropriately for the heat.

It's after 6pm, the heat is cranked up and I'm still not warm. Damn you, winter!

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