Sunday, January 13, 2008

rules aren't always meant to be broken

Case in point:

I first saw this tree in my neighborhood around Thanksgiving. "Interesting," I thought... a dress. On a tree. I thought that maybe it had something to do with Christmas -- considering the dress was red... but still, what the? Right?

On closer inspection, the tree has a face. OK, these have been popping up all over North Denver. I don't think they're cute, or funny... just a little creepy. I rank the tree face decorations right up there with chainsaw "art" made from dead tree stumps. I hate those. I'll take a picture of the big eagle and raccoon that live a couple of blocks away at some point, but I just can't face it today.

I live in a "covenant controlled" community. I always thought it was pretty ridiculous to mandate how many political signs you could display on your front porch... or what color you could paint your house, but now I have an appreciation for these silly rules. Just a little bit.

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Polly said...

Well, it's more ugly than annoying. Our neighbouring village has a REALLY BIG PINK HOUSE on the main street that irritates me. It's a yucky pink too. With elaborately-dressed dolls in all the windows. Yuck. I like arty, free expression, but not bad taste! :) Polly x x x