Wednesday, January 16, 2008

yo, sock it to me!

I'm working my first pair of socks! I don't know why I was so scared to go "there" before, but so far, so good... toe-up, knee-high, stockinette. I picked up some lovely Trekking Pro Natura (it's superwash wool and bamboo) in a denim-ey colorway at Posh on Sunday, looked at it for two days and finally cast on using the Magic Cast on.

The Magic Cast-on is pretty cool.

OK, that's it... I'll try to remember to post progress here... I'm only half afraid that I'll make it through one sock and then I'll be sick of it, but so far, I love the little stitches and the pattern I'm using is only 60 sts around, so hopefully it'll go fairly fast. I've given up on my mother's vest for the time being -- maybe it'll be finished by Christmas.

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