Thursday, February 7, 2008

another new year

Today is Chinese New Year... I'm going to eat out and see if I receive a red packet. While I'm not Chinese, I feel like it's OK to celebrate anyway (erm, I'll celebrate "Lunar New Year" because technically, that's what it is). Besides, it's the Year of the Rat, which is my Zodiac sign, so I'm hoping that the turnaround I anticipated for the Gregorian Calendar new year, will happen soon.


Polly said...

I love your fickle optimism: if one system isn't delivering the goods, align yourself with another. I was just reading my own projection for the Monkey in the Year of the Rat today. Seems to be pretty good so I'm also looking forward to the good fortune kicking in. Polly x x x

Angifreak said...

Too true... however after reading my projection I'm a little less optimistic. Oh well, I'll just trudge through to December and start all over again!