Friday, February 1, 2008

lather. rinse. repeat.

Let's see just how many consecutive Friday evenings I can spend home on the sofa... I haven't been keeping count but I'm sure it's close to, if not IN, double-digits now. Sigh. Eh, I've got wasabi peas and enough project to keep me busy for a while... I've also bowed down to Oprah-pressure and started reading "The Pillars of the Earth." Marin's book club just read it, too -- and after seeing Follett on Oprah the other day (I've always kept away from his books because I hate his particular brand of "mystery/thriller" -- well not just his, actually) and he was so charming. Besides they had it at Costco at a knock-down price. I can't resist a good deal (and I figure reading it will firm-up my triceps -- it's a whopper!)

Last night I had a culinary adventure in the form of "mock chopped liver." I don't know if I like it yet... I think it needs like a head or two of garlic. Anyhow the recipe called for over 5 cups of mushrooms, which I took as a call to Costco. I found this little guy in the carton. It wasn't the only one... there was another mutant, conjoined mushroom but I accidentally broke the stem off before I could document it. I threw these guys away, but I'm still feeling unsettled over the rest of the bunch... I'll get over it.

I'm also getting ready to knit up a hat for a secret hat exchange on Ravelry. I chose this particular lovely shade of Malabrigo (Pink Frost). Fancy Tiger is the only store within the city limits who have Malabrigo and I'm so tickled about this... it's simply the most beautiful yarn out there. Well, it's incredibly soft and it's so exclusive that it has to be loved.
Damnitall, the scourge of Valentines is soon upon us. I was over it about 10 years ago...

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