Monday, March 31, 2008

i gots me some fishes

Look over there --->

Click on the box to "drop food" and the fish will swim over to it.

Bored, I am.

I'm also going to Littleton to watch a show being taped. Yes, it's come to this... actually I have an ulterior motive. A local band is doing a set on this new music-themed show and I'm hoping to pass my card on to them. I don't really know how to contact them otherwise (unless I leave a message on their MySpace??) That's even too tacky for me.

Todays six words: Grey skies beckon sleep, I resist

Sunday, March 30, 2008

every day is like sunday

I am always waiting for Spring

Saturday, March 29, 2008

spiralling downward

didn't wanna get outta bed today

Friday, March 28, 2008

friday's six words

metabolically stunted, none-the-less* I eat enthusiastically.

*technically three words hyphenated into one, the options (regardless... haphazardly... irresponsibly) didn't have the same pizazz or something.

never cease to amaze

I was driving back from Target today and was stuck behind slow-pokes. Slow-poke (SP) White Van in the left lane was driving the same speed as SP Red Geo in the right... I made an executive decision to cut down the next street (along the park) to get home because the slowness of the traffic was killing me. So, puttering along behind SP Red Geo I notice there's something weird about the driver -- she had feathers shooting out of her neck. Oh, no, she had a PARROT ON HER SHOULDER. What?


Thursday, March 27, 2008

this makes absolutely no sense at all

Marin, go plug your blog back into the rater:
blog readability test

Movie Reviews

six word memoir

Terminally exhausted, creatively challenged, forever complaining.

funny, innit?

I've been feeling all down lately. Oh yes, you haven't noticed? Anyhow, last night the DKers and I went to happy hour and a complete stranger made me laugh. As we were leaving our post at the bar, one of the hosts at the restaurant made a comment on our "prime real estate" and that how it was fortuitous for these three guys that we were leaving. He also cheekily said that we should be "proud of our landscaping." This can be interpreted a couple of different ways... I took it straight to the gutter; hey, it made me laugh.

We also had a discussion about the "Denver Dumb Mens League" and thought it might be clever to set up a "Manny-Cam" much along the lines of the Kitten Cam. I'll let Marin extrapolate because my contribution was the name. I'm just the idea person, I'm not so-much about action or follow-through.

When I got home there was an email from my favorite Belfast-er. I adore this guy and instead of waiting until the morning when I was completely sober and rested to reply to him, I went at it full force. Luckily the email wasn't too boozey (I had to reread it this morning). Phew.

The weathermen were actually spot-on last night about today's forecast. It's definitely colder out. Where is my sunshine? Just when I was starting to ease into Spring it goes all grey. Hopefully this will be short-lived.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

are the terrorists behind this?

What's with all these collapsing cranes lately? Weird.

yet another reason not to shop at walmart

This is tragic. Walmart is suing a former employee who was severely injured in an automobile accident to recoup medical expenses they paid out since she won an insurance settlement. What assholes.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I've been sitting around feeling grim about my work prospects again... I finally talked to a PM at a venue in Boulder and they're in need of "interns" so I might be starting to crew up there soonish. In the meantime, I've been sending my resume around like it's a chain letter and the world will end if I don't hit up 50 people a day. And nothing.

So, to make myself happy(ish), I'm knitting up a lobster:
Um... imagine massive hulking claws and those weird antennae thing coming out of the top of it's head. It'll look like a lobster... eventually.

In other knitting news, I've torn out the first sock. After turning the heel and having holes (eyelets if I could live with them, but since I can't, they're holes) and have re-purposed the yarn for this scarf from the current Knitty. I'm getting stripes, but I think I can live with it.

Yeah, so that's it. Mondays suck.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

having kittens

They've removed the cats and put in... FERRETS. I'm a little disappointed.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

and another little thing...

Where did all the cats go on the DDFL Kitten Cam? I fear they might've put them all to sleep... they weren't really "kittens" so much as really mellow cats. I find it hard to imagine they've all been adopted... this makes me sad. I should lay off the kitten cam for a while.

ack... nightmare!

Oh, I ran into an ex-friend today at the card shop. There was no avoiding her... the store is about as big as a minute and she cornered me by the front door. There were the requisite questions, the "what have you been up to?" and "how long has it been?" blahblahblah. I was miserable and just wanted to get my two cards, pay and high-tail it out the door.

Instead, I got an update on everyone I don't want to hear about. I'm not evolved enough to not let this kind of thing get to me. Worse, I had just come from the pool... I looked it, too. I always run into people I don't want to see when I look my worst. It's a simple fact. I should take note and make an effort.

So she belittled me in her way -- I totally forgot how she could do that, you know, in the sweetest possible way, but she was like, "so, you work in concerts... do you know my friend So-and-So?" and when I answered in the negative, I got, "Oh well, she works on a much higher level than you, I suppose... she does Arena shows." I didn't make out whether she's local or not, but it doesn't matter. Melanie made her point. She was like, "yeah, so you work with... who was it again? George Michael... no. George... George... Michael? Hmmm. OH! Boy George! Right?" Yes, that was almost a decade ago, but again, when her friend works for U2 and in her mind I work for Boy George her friend clearly is superior. Argh. I feel little today.

I couldn't even take joy in the fact that she's gained weight because apparently she had a baby 11 months ago and is now expecting another in November. Post-partum and pregnant women get a break if they're out of shape. It's a rule. Unless you live in Hollywood. Damnit.

I'm going for a drink.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

yesterday, on martha...

I meant to post this yesterday because it was too funny but forgot. Martha Stewart had an Irish-themed show for St. Patrick's Day -- she started it off making Jameson's drinks with a rep from the distillery... but she didn't seem to get sloshed. That being said, she really handled the next guest well when the woman (someone from morning TV in Ireland... I've forgotten her name already) did a segment on making a fruit cobbler. The woman kept calling Martha "Barbara." All I could do was sit and squirm on the couch waiting for Martha to pounce... she didn't freak out, she just made some comment about how the Irish won't let you forget your name because they always say it when they're talking to you. It was clearly a bit of a dig. I can't really describe it... you had to see it.

Anyhow, that sealed the fate for the guest... she kept tripping up saying, "Bar... Martha!" every time she spoke... it was awkward. Poor guest. God, I love the Marth.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

three little birds...

Well, TWO birds, really. I made these for Easter... very fast, very fun. See:

There would've been three, but I ran out of yarn... and then when I had more yarn, I ran out of motivation.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

for mature audiences

OK. Burger King has this new ad for their "cheesy tots" which just aired during SNL -- I thought it was a sketch, but it's an actual commercial. I need to track it down because it's going to get yanked pretty quick if middle America has anything to say about it.

So, there's a guy who is covering his mouth... you don't know why, just that there's something embarrassing going on with the bottom half of his face. He can't wait to get some cheesy whatsits from Burger King in the morning. Finally morning arrives... he's at the mighty BK sitting in his car, about to bite into his first cheese-thing, the bottom half of his face is visible and you see his tongue. It's erect. He has "morning tongue."

I have to laugh. I hope someone taped it and puts it up on YouTube. I'm pretty sure it's a send-up of "Penelope" but the message -- it's SO different.

3/17 - Marin just found this!!!

breath, not holding

I got tentative good news, but I can't divulge just yet... superstition. I might be working sooner than I thought -- please cross your fingers and toes and arms and legs and anything else which might give me some good juju.


Friday, March 14, 2008

six things

The Rules:
1. Link to the person that tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

Marin tagged me; this is my first meme tag! So here goes... six things about me:
  1. My personal motto is: anything, twice. I've got a theory that the first time you have something, it might be abnormally spectacular or grim, so to get a good gauge on whether or not I'll really like something/someone, I have to try it twice.
  2. I'm a voracious reader. You'd never know it by the way I talk... because I'm lazy when it comes to speech... and writing... but I do read an average of four books a week. That said, I really detest thrillers. They bore me.
  3. I keep a list of irrational fears -- I haven't added to it in a while, but it's mostly just weird ways I could possibly die. That's why I don't drink from a straw while driving.
  4. I have a "thing" about things being perfect. It's my way of channeling Martha. When things become slightly less than perfect, I pretty much stop caring about them altogether (e.g. the Mighty Crappolla)
  5. I know I'm completely neurotic, but I kind of like it. I'll grow into it eventually... I can't wait to be an eccentric 80 year old woman.
  6. I really like chick flicks and cheesy teen dramas. I do. It's like having warts, but I love them... the happy endings are so comforting.
I am tagging Polly and Hagos. I don't really read any other blogs... does this mean my wish isn't going to come true? Wink, wink.

kitten cam

The Denver Dumb Friend's League has a kitten cam. I could spend hours on this just waiting for the cats to wake up and DO something. I love it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

blue mustangs and pink poodles

Marin, sorry if you're reading this... we've had a back-and-forth email discussion over these things today.

We have new public sculpture out at the airport -- apparently it was commissioned years ago, but was only recently installed. It's a giant, raging blue mustang with bulging veins and demonic red eyes. Um. It's fug. And it has a murderous history (it actually killed it's artist when it fell on him and severed an artery in his leg -- well, according to Wikipedia).

We already have the big blue bear -- he who stands three stories high and is peeking inside the wall of windows at the Convention Center. He is a gentle bear. He is "cuddly" -- well, as cuddly as a massive, blue fibreglass bear can be. We love the bear. The mustang? I've already had nightmares about this thing... as if flying doesn't cause me enough anxiety, now on my way out of town, I'm bid fare-well by a demonic mustang. Lions and tigers and blue mustangs, oh my! I really need to find good picture of it to post.

So Morgan came and went and I wish she had stayed longer. Lucky for her her job didn't end the Friday she flew out -- she was extended. Hopefully she'll be back for a visit soon. Poor girl, I made her go to two yarn shops straight from the airport... and another three (although one was closed) the next day. Marin made us yummy dinner and gave us a cherry pie lesson on Saturday and then Morgan left and I had to face the blue mustang again. Sigh.

I also received my hat-swap hat! It wasn't acrylic (not entirely... it was Noro and Plymouth Encore). Here's a picture:This is from the inside-out because Amber (my knitter) did this as her first ever fair-isle project? Her stitches are so even! I'm jealous.

OK, that's about it. I'm making chick'n'eggs. Photos forthcoming.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


My friend Morgan is flying out on Friday; we're going to a concert and doing some yarn shopping while she's here. She just finished this crazy boob pillow -- I'm going to try to get her to plot out a pattern for me because I imagine something like this could come in handy for me in the future. I'm not working, but this might seal the deal to get me on a gig...

She also made a killer beanis. If I work on my crochet skillz, I might know the glory of a bean-bag penis, too.

OK. I'm supposed to be knitting chicks but Family Guy is on and I'm incapable of doing anything productive today. I might as well round out the evening as the day began: today's show was sponsored by "sloth."

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

hat attack (not really)

I sent off my Ravelry hat exchange stuff today. I always fear that my recipient will be disappointed... sigh. I also didn't want to go overboard with the "extras" simply because I don't know anything about the girl I knit for. Not really.

So this is what was included:
- Two hats (the 3-spiral hat in white and a Gretel in pink)
-Packet of Peeps. Just because.
-PAAS Easter egg dye. My recipient has done Kool-Aid dyeing in the past, so you know, here I'm sticking with a seasonal theme...
-LaraBar in Cocoa Mole: representin' for the 5280. It's my favorite flavor.
-Tiny packet of soak and a wee plastic lamb (Wool... Easter...)
-Crazy press-on nails and body glitter from the dollar bin at Target. I happen to know who Julie's "naughty exchange" (which I didn't participate in) knitter is and the body glitter and press-on nails might come in handy.

And now I wait for my hat to arrive. I fear receiving something knit in craft store acrylic. I know this is terribly snobby of me... the idea that anyone would take time to knit anything for a stranger is a good thing, but we had months to get this together so I'm hoping for a nice hat. Or nice yarn if the hat isn't so nice. I'm an awful person.

for the love of peeps

I got suckered into buying "cocoa" peeps. They're disgusting, but they do good still-life:
I also spent a good part of the morning being pissed off about the war. The morning news featured a story about a Marine who threw a puppy off a cliff and filmed it. They showed part of the video where you see this bastard holding the puppy by the scruff of it's neck and then you see him pull his arm back readying to toss the dog off the cliff... they also showed one of his colleagues laughing about it. The news didn't show the entire video but they explain that you can hear the puppy yelping after the soldier throws it.

I'm just sick of it all. I think that so many of the kids going into service are LCD-types. They're made to feel smaller than dirt as part of their training and in retaliation they do awful things... really inhuman things like raping girls in Japan (yes, even though in this last case, the soldier only forcibly kissed the girl... but there have been rapes in the past), or killing a family in Iraq and now throwing a puppy off a cliff. It just makes me sick. This soldier might get some token psychological counseling, and possibly an honorable discharge, but he deserves to be thrown off a cliff himself and as awful as it sounds, I'd like to be there to watch it.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

some people have real tours

I went to see my friend in Boulder last Sunday... her show was fun and neon and it looked like a toy shop threw up all over the stage (I didn't get any close-ups of the stuffed animals, though). Funny enough, a total stranger in the crowd gave her a hand-knit scarf -- and me, her friend who knits with a kind of obsessive only seen in howler monkeys picking ticks from one another? I brought nothing.

Here's a nice'n'blurry photo of the stage:Those are real people in her band... I know they look like ghosts. I can't get a grip on the whole point-and-shoot thing... that's something to work on.