Tuesday, March 4, 2008

for the love of peeps

I got suckered into buying "cocoa" peeps. They're disgusting, but they do good still-life:
I also spent a good part of the morning being pissed off about the war. The morning news featured a story about a Marine who threw a puppy off a cliff and filmed it. They showed part of the video where you see this bastard holding the puppy by the scruff of it's neck and then you see him pull his arm back readying to toss the dog off the cliff... they also showed one of his colleagues laughing about it. The news didn't show the entire video but they explain that you can hear the puppy yelping after the soldier throws it.

I'm just sick of it all. I think that so many of the kids going into service are LCD-types. They're made to feel smaller than dirt as part of their training and in retaliation they do awful things... really inhuman things like raping girls in Japan (yes, even though in this last case, the soldier only forcibly kissed the girl... but there have been rapes in the past), or killing a family in Iraq and now throwing a puppy off a cliff. It just makes me sick. This soldier might get some token psychological counseling, and possibly an honorable discharge, but he deserves to be thrown off a cliff himself and as awful as it sounds, I'd like to be there to watch it.


Polly said...

I haven't seen the puppy news item but I completely agree with you. Throw him off the cliff. Animal cruelty should carry the same penalty as cruelty to another person. Polly x x x

Angifreak said...

I know! The problem is that in the States (it might be different from state to state) but typically, animals are considered "property" not "living beings." It kind of blows my mind that we're on the verge of turning over Roe v. Wade because the religious right has convinced people that life begins at conception (even though a zygote can't live outside the womb) and that an early abortion is "murder", but you can do whatever you want to a dog and not go to jail??? I worry about the direction this country is going in. Honestly. It's frightening.

Marin (AntiM) said...

Animals can't speak for themselves. That's why we have to speak for them.

And? I read somewhere that harnessed properly, sociopathy can make for excellent soldiers.

That's a little scary.