Saturday, March 15, 2008

for mature audiences

OK. Burger King has this new ad for their "cheesy tots" which just aired during SNL -- I thought it was a sketch, but it's an actual commercial. I need to track it down because it's going to get yanked pretty quick if middle America has anything to say about it.

So, there's a guy who is covering his mouth... you don't know why, just that there's something embarrassing going on with the bottom half of his face. He can't wait to get some cheesy whatsits from Burger King in the morning. Finally morning arrives... he's at the mighty BK sitting in his car, about to bite into his first cheese-thing, the bottom half of his face is visible and you see his tongue. It's erect. He has "morning tongue."

I have to laugh. I hope someone taped it and puts it up on YouTube. I'm pretty sure it's a send-up of "Penelope" but the message -- it's SO different.

3/17 - Marin just found this!!!


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Thanks, Marin! Oh, the joy... and the horror.