Tuesday, March 18, 2008

yesterday, on martha...

I meant to post this yesterday because it was too funny but forgot. Martha Stewart had an Irish-themed show for St. Patrick's Day -- she started it off making Jameson's drinks with a rep from the distillery... but she didn't seem to get sloshed. That being said, she really handled the next guest well when the woman (someone from morning TV in Ireland... I've forgotten her name already) did a segment on making a fruit cobbler. The woman kept calling Martha "Barbara." All I could do was sit and squirm on the couch waiting for Martha to pounce... she didn't freak out, she just made some comment about how the Irish won't let you forget your name because they always say it when they're talking to you. It was clearly a bit of a dig. I can't really describe it... you had to see it.

Anyhow, that sealed the fate for the guest... she kept tripping up saying, "Bar... Martha!" every time she spoke... it was awkward. Poor guest. God, I love the Marth.

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