Thursday, April 24, 2008

blip blop blobbity blog

I'm recycling that title from another one of my blogs. Yes, plural. Blogssses.

So, interesting developments... what to make of this one. Dirty Dick Boy found me on that roadie social networking site, asked to befriend me. After much hemming and hawing (and a bit of "What the... Really, REALLY???" at my computer screen), I decided to be adult, or you know, my version of "adult" and I accepted his virtual friendship. So, a leeeetle buzzed last night, I sent him a message -- it was totally prompted by my friend, T, she who knows of his ill deeds, and surprisingly he wrote back right away. He also gave me an unprompted update on his personal life (i.e. that he's single and dodged a dodgy marriage bullet). OK I know, really, that it doesn't mean anything... but the overriding irrational part of me WANTS it to mean something.

When will I grow up? Where will I find the money to pay for years and years of psychotherapy??? These are big questions, people!

Today's words: David Beckham is on Ellen... yum.

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