Monday, April 7, 2008

go on... you know you want to touch it

I got a monkey.

His eyes light up and he makes "monkey" sounds.

This was at the pet store -- it's right and so wrong on so many levels. I should've taken a picture of the dog one -- but you can see it on the label. Why would someone buy their dog another dog to rip apart? Weirdness.

Back to the knitting... I bought some Malabrigo to make another hat and I did a cozy for my French Press because I needed a fast and satisfying project. See my kettle? It's SO jealous.

Today's words: Spring is exciting yet sometimes disappointing*

*it snowed today


Marin (AntiM) said...

Your monkey pictures, they are spectacular.

Philosophical questions brought on by the presse cozy:

1) With all the pink and green and stripes, what use the pot calling the kettle black?

2) As for the jealous kettle, what's it calling the pot?

Angifreak said...

"preppy" -- you know, all that pink and green...