Tuesday, April 8, 2008

good fences make

Urgh. Neighbors. Maybe I'm just salty over not being invited to the party the other night... or maybe I've just got a case of the cranks, but when my neighbor put his party night recycling in my bin (in a trash bag no less) I almost lost my shit. Seriously. We all have purple recycling bins. I put mine out once a month, typically, since I just don't generate that much trash (recyclable or otherwise).

A couple of months ago a different neighbor put a bag of dog food in my recycling bin. You can't recycle dog food through Denver Recycling. You CAN recycle it by feeding it to a dog. But I don't want that in my purple bin either. Anyhow, when this whole earth-friendly thing started, we got letters from Waste Management (who run the program) with a list of Do's/Don'ts. We also get a calendar at the beginning of the year with pick-up dates and what can and cannot be put in the purple bin. They're also, at least from that first letter I received, on a 3 strikes, you're out system -- meaning that if you don't follow the rules, after 3 warnings (which they write in white crayon on the outside of your bin so all your neighbors know that you've broken rules) they take your wheelie bin away and you have to then drive to a recycling center on your own dime/time. SOOO, when I saw all of last night's party's remains in my wheelie bin, I almost lost my shit. They don't like for us to put plastic bags in the bins. Plastic bags must be thrown away, apparently. All the cans and bottles were in a big plastic bin liner, but luckily the cardboard boxes that the beer came in was all broken down. How nice.

So neighbor, I know who you are and I'm so disappointed. I've thought about rigging my bin with some sort of boobie trap (like the Mr. Edless -- he can swing out at anyone who opens the lid but that prank only works once) but honestly? I don't have the energy to do this. Why can't my neighbors be more neighborly?

And on that note, I need to write up a letter to paste onto the cluster mailboxes. I know who the offending neighbors are, but I don't want to single them out... because I'm a pussy.

Words so far: Life has rules we must follow

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