Sunday, April 13, 2008

retail therapy

I love online shopping. Half the time I buy something when I'm in a funk, swiftly forget about it and then I get a pleasant surprise days or sometimes months later. Case in point. I got this beautiful envelope from Sweden today (I've been lazy about checking the mail this week):The outside of the envelope alone was so exciting... so stark with a little letter press print wolf in the corner... and pretty Swedish stamps (all so reminiscent of IKEA, my happy place). Inside was the set of letter press prints I ordered a few weeks ago. I completely forgot about these guys and they're even more beautiful in person than they were online. Camilla also included a thank you, hand-written on the back side of one of her postcards, and an extra postcard for me to use.

I really needed this today.

Today's words: Vietnamese bun, belly joy, Sunday surprise

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