Saturday, April 19, 2008

got a face for radio

I picked up a copy of the DVD for the tour I did last year.

Good things:
1. They cut out the part at the quick change where I go on and on about how the turn thinks I look like a man and that with false eyelashes I now look like a call-girl
2. They didn't put in any of the footage of me running away from the cameras
3. I made it onto the actual video, but my screen time is less than 30 seconds

Bad things:
1. < 30 sec. of me looking pregnant or just strangely bloated
2. I always end up in the bottom sixth of the credits
3. The stupid Hollywood girls
4. I'm in the extras -- just voice, but I sound like an asshole because I just don't know when to shut up

Strangely this time we didn't have to sign any releases for the video. No biggie. I wish they had given me a free copy... because as with Lays potato chips, I can't just have one. I went to Virgin (boo, hiss... evil corporation) because it was close to where we met for Breakfast Club™ and I ended up buying CDs. Two of them. Two CDs I don't need. I'm really making an effort to go strictly iTunes (even though I have a "thing" about the liner notes... now iTunes gives ebooks with most CD purchases so I can live with that). I try and try to do my bit for the environment, but I'm not going to knock myself because I did do my little bit for the economy today.

Today's words: Allergy season hits with mucho gusto

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