Friday, April 18, 2008


So, I'm temping on this library project and it's very low key... very repetitive... very mindnumbingly boring. Today, however I learned that one of the women who was working with us didn't just decide that this temp assignment wasn't her bag... she was "let go." Ahem. This isn't the type of job you get canned from. It just isn't. Anyhow, one of the other temps ratted her out for taking a long lunch... but here's the thing, we hadn't done any time keeping yet, so maybe she wasn't going to try to claim that hour lunch as work time?

I left 5 minutes early today and now I'm living in mortal fear of getting the phone call to not come back on Monday. Silly, yes, but even though this job is only providing me lunch money, it's also providing me the latitude to spend a little money without feeling terribly guilty. I need this for the next two weeks. I have a feeling I know who the tattle-tell was, but I'm not positive so I'm not going to kiss any ass... I'll just have to start keeping my own tabs. How pathetic is that?

Today's words: Library exhaustion, spring pollen, sleep scheduled

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