Tuesday, April 15, 2008

springtime in denver... an exercise in schizophrenia

It's just about a perfect day today -- never you mind the crazy wind whipping up all the chaff and dust of winter -- it's sunny! and something like 80 degrees outside! And yet, they're forecasting snow for tomorrow??


Barbara from NYC is here tomorrow night and I'm trying not to procrastinate with the cleaning, but when I can sit on the balcony with the sun shining on my face, it's so hard to face the scrubbing and chemicals (actually I'm down to the vacuum now... the shiny surfaces have already been buffed).

I managed to clear out five (FIVE!!!) boxes of old clothes from my closet. Now it's sitting in the loft boxed up and waiting to be moved down to the garage... where it will sit until January. I just started my first work of the year and I don't think I'll make enough to warrant making a donation. Yeah, the point of donating is to give to people in need, but I feel pretty needy these days as well so I'm going to sit on my donation until I can get something in return for it. So what, I already know I've got an express ticket to hell.

Today's words: Depression hurts as do rusty nails

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