Friday, April 4, 2008

when will they stop?

The B-52's are on Ellen today. They're singing a "new" song... don't they know nobody wants to hear the new songs? We love us some "Rock Lobster" and "Quiche Lorraine" but I can't sing along to the new songs because I haven't bought a new B-52's album since the late '80s. Oh well. They get an "A" for effort.

Cindy is skinny again though. Interesting.

I'm gearing up for a pig-out at Benny's. I'm headed to Lor's to check out his new couch, then to pick out some new throw pillows for said couch and hopefully we'll still make happy hour (I think it's going to be obscenely crowded... it IS Friday and today IS Rockie's opening day...) Oh well, it'll be interesting.

My words for the day: Margaritas on a spring day rule.

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