Saturday, May 24, 2008

penguins and lawn signs

As promised... Pash-it (aka Frankenpenguin):
In progress-shots... of the two additional penguins which will be living in a plastic bag until some random point in the future when I can actually "deal" with them. I think I've got to sew them together on an actual sewing machine... and that is a pain in the buttocks, too:
And I forgot to post this. I was riding my bicycle home from the Rockies game on Wednesday (where I acquired my sexy sunburn) and noticed these houses on 35th:
The house on the left has one Obama sign in the front yard. The house next door has about four Clinton signs. I just thought it was funny. I hope that if Hil drops out, that these people do the right thing and go Donkey all the way. I really, really do.

hoo-ray disney?

So... my partner in grime dropped off the Disney tour and I'm headed out with someone I know who may or may not like me. It's going to be a long month, June. On the upside, in-between the fly dates and the regular gigs, I get to hang out near Philly with Dar. Dar is almost like Charlie (yeah, he who has Angels, but this is a "her" and she's not fighting crime... just bootleggers) -- we've never met in person after what, three years of regular correspondence and phone calls? I'm really excited.

Tomorrow is Maine -- I'm going to try to get stand-by on the early, early flight so I don't miss my connection at the dreaded O'Hare. I cannot tell you how many flights I've missed at O'Hare. That airport is a nightmare. If I get on the early flight I'll have time to get some trashy magazines and inhale some breakfast -- while the airport sucks, they have pretty good restaurants. I suppose they have to accommodate all the travelers with their missed connections somehow, no?

In other news, I really hate the POS Pasha. I've seamed one penguin and have two laying in pieces on the coffee table. Oscar might have to settle for the crappy penguin -- my original plan was to make him a family (or a "waddle" according to Wikipedia) but I had to scrap that plan when the crap grey acrylic in my stash got bigger, bulkier gauge than the other stuff (even on smaller needles). I couldn't take the squeakiness of the acrylic on nickel needles, so the poor kid only gets one penguin -- and quite possibly a shitty one at that. Photos forthcoming -- i.e. evidence of my crap whip-stitching skillz.

I have to go to the post office now and mail back that "10-minute Trainer" I felt compelled to purchase because the infomercial was so persuasive. Don't buy it people, you will be let down. I cannot resist Tony Horton's enthusiasm but I must remember that he's a vampire and he's evil.

Friday, May 23, 2008

oh good grief!!!!

My afternoon programming has been pre-empted yet again due to "severe weather." What ever happened to NWS alerts? They test for them occasionally so I know they're still in use, however all but one of the network stations has interrupted regularly scheduled programs to report on this storm. It's not good enough to run the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen... or even do a picture-in-picture report... NO, they've cock-blocked Ellen and I'm fuming. ARGH.

I think that what's most frustrating is that they've got helicopters in the air and people rushing to the storm area in hopes that another devastating "Deadly Tornado" will hit. There's nothing going on -- just big storm clouds. Seriously. C'mon already!

FAH! Channel 4 has now jumped on the tragedy bandwagon. I hate Oprah but that's mostly because she's like heroin and I NEED her... they pre-empted her yesterday. Bastards.

Today's words: so what if there's a thunderstorm?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

reason #23098123098120398 to get a wii

p.s. thank you, Lindsey!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

swing, batter... batter...

I had a pleasant surprise last night. The Yacobuci's called and invited me to the Rockies/Twins game. I was just sitting on the couch waiting for the sun to set so I could go for a jog... drinking beer and eating a hot dog at Coors Field seemed a great alternative and I had a blast.

Here's proof:
I met Allison and Phil from St. Paul (who are in the state for a wedding) and they were really cool. I need to do more stuff like this.

Sunday's words: it's the end of Desperate Housewives.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

um... alright.

It's official. I'm a freak magnet. I've been having unsettled feelings about this one guy who contacted me through "onlinedatingwebsite" but because I'm only partially doing this for myself, and mostly doing it for the entertainment value of my friend, T, I decided to pursue this one guy. He's a freak. He's a freak like he has a torture chamber in his basement weird. He's been calling and emailing pretty much too much and I just got the last missive which was a quote from a Depeche Mode song, but I don't get the reference at all.

I was going to try and have dinner with this guy next week (I postponed tonight even though we didn't have firm plans) and now I'm thinking I shouldn't see this guy in person at all. I mean, I'm really looking forward to the disappointed look on his face, but now I'm a little scared that he'll be disappointed and then he'll stalk me just to make me feel disappointed, too. Or perhaps something more devious.

OK. That's all. I also had a typical shit experience shopping at the BIG yarn shop on Colfax. When the sales clerk went to grab a bag for my shit acrylic yarn, I kindly declined saying, "Oh, I've got a tote... I don't need a bag, but thank you." Her reply? "Yeah, I suppose you don't need a bag when you're buying cheap acrylic yarn..." I was pretty stunned, instead of a witty retort I felt the need to explain that I'm making a plushie for a friend's kid... and then stammered on about how I know acrylic isn't good for kids toys, but that I wanted it to have a nice touch and on and on until she cut me off with a, "have a nice day." Bitch. I really hate shopping there... I don't know why I do it.

On that note, I'm going to start my plushie project and then go to the park once the sun goes down... it feels wildly humid today.

Words: Work disappointments can become work opportunities?

Friday, May 16, 2008

feeling a little let-down today

Eh, it's all good. It's Friday... I'm home for a week and then I get a mini-break with the promise of booze and pie. I just hate getting unsolicited news about people I don't want to know about and yet I don't have the guts to put my foot down and demand that I be cut from the loop.

Today's words: Swimming isn't just for the fishes

Thursday, May 15, 2008

little words

Damn you, Meredith Grey, damn you.



It's really heartbreaking seeing all the parents waiting for the bodies of their children to be pulled from fallen buildings... parents who only have one child to begin with and now possibly have none.

It just gets me thinking about how, if McCain gets elected (god forbid) that he'll appoint another conservative Supreme Court Justice and Rowe v. Wade will be overturned. China is the extreme case where State mandated abortions are the rule, which seems almost insane from a Western viewpoint. Yet... we're potentially going to take a giant step backwards and take the choice to do with our bodies what we want away -- State-prohibited abortions. When the Conservative Right is lobbying to declare "life at conception" does that make a woman who spontaneously aborts (i.e. miscarries) a murderer, albeit involuntary? Conversely, as "the Psychic" brought up last night, can you insure this "live being" in utero with a hefty life insurance policy? If the foetus dies, will we be able to claim a big payout?

It's interesting and frightening times these. I worry for the future of this Country.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

holiday... celebrate!

Oh, I'm going to take a wee vacation! Eh, just two or three days in Maine, but I'm really excited... I've never spent any time there and I hear it's just gorgeous.

In other news, the non-stop shopping continues. Today's purchase? Another iPod. Just because... because I'm out of control. I also bought more drugs from Canadialand and I actually do feel better.

Here are yesterday's little finds from Anthropologie (I love that store):Today's words: Pizza, pizza... yarn, yarn... cute boys.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

they should rename the show, "the bastard"

I got suckered in to The Bachelor madness because there were two local girls on the show -- one made it to the final 2 and lost very ungraciously. I don't really blame her... it's pretty humiliating being dumped on national television. Oh Chelsea... you didn't charm anyone enough to get your own spin-off.

I must say I was stunned that he would chose Shane, the archetype of the Hollywood bimbo. To each their own I suppose.

Today I actually touched the console and am feeling pretty positive about possibly becoming an audio technician when I'm not on the road... or even possibly getting some local production work. We'll see if this good feeling lasts. I did stop at that venue in Boulder to get an "intern" application and to sit and have a chat with the PM. He wasn't in today and nobody could find the applications... I left one of my cheesy cards and I'm sure nobody will bother to get in touch. Oh well. I might have to just show up one of these days and be the ultimate pest. I'm caring less about that sort of thing lately.

I'm exhausted... maybe it's the spring weather, maybe it's just Epstein Barr. Regardless, here's me, on the couch, sneezing and drinking tea. I'm not going to jail tonight... I think that's alright -- they weren't really expecting me anyway.

Today's words: Brain atrophy has set in permanently.

Monday, May 12, 2008

today was good

...even though I'm not going to Duran Duran. CB is in town, but he didn't get in touch so I just assumed he couldn't get me tickets. Again. No real big deal.

I spent the day learning about how a Production Company works -- I actually knew more than I thought I did about what the Sound Techs do on tour... yay? I'm going back tomorrow to learn a little more about the Digi-design Venue console. It's really cool -- I haven't been on the business end of a console in over 15 years and how things have changed. I hope I can get enough knowledge and practice in to get hired on as a systems tech so I can get some in-between gigs... those would've been really handy this year.

OK. Today's words: Argh, I'm sick of the snow.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

mommy dearest

Urgh. Just spent about an hour with my mother and I'm exhausted. I need a nap to recover... or maybe some coffee is in order. Yes, coffee.

Today's words: never a mother shall I be

Saturday, May 10, 2008

freakin my freak

Urgh. Tomorrow is mother's day... I had plans to meet my mother today for a late lunch, but she crapped out... she wants me to come by tomorrow and I don't really want to. I'm such a shit kid. I really, really am.

I did go to Saigon Bowl and I pigged out. That was nice.

Baddie McCool emailed me today -- which is always a very pleasant surprise. Oh, I hope I get to work with him again some day, but it's not looking likely. For one thing, it doesn't much look like I'm going to be working much in the future. I'm not certain that this Disney thing is actually "on" and that my friend, Luke is going to be working it with me... and I actually sat down and counted the days. I'm only going to be on it for 18 days. Yes, that's better than 0 days, but it's not much when I haven't really worked yet all year...

Something good is bound to happen eventually. Until then I'm making socks. I'm determined to get to the heel by tomorrow night... I just need to take a wee nap first.

Today's words: Number 49, my belly loves you.

Friday, May 9, 2008

friday's six words pt. whatever

no email makes me rather paranoid


Oh last night was high on drama round Chez Moi... I don't know what time it was when I decided to go to bed, but as I was rounding the corner into the loft, I noticed a big black blob on the wall. A spider. A big spider. A big ugly spider. I didn't know what to do. I knew I had to take care of this before I went to bed if I ever wanted to get any sleep, but things with more than four legs freak me out to the point that I've actually CRIED from the fear before.

I did what I could.

There was a pair of sneakers nearby, so I swatted the bastard. All this achieved was knocking it off the wall where it was able to find relative refuge in the carpet... no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't squash it. Not with soft-soled sneakers anyhow. Luckily I haven't moved my donatables to the garage yet... there was a box with shoes and I grabbed a heavy flat. Again, I pushed and smooshed but the fucker was still moving... albeit now on five miserable legs. This called for stronger medicine.

After a bit of internal debate (if I leave will it hide and attack me in the night?) I ran down the stairs to grab a can of Raid from the linen closet... there was also a can of hairspray (I've had luck with that in the past) so I took that upstairs, too. Well, the Raid and hairspray worked... it paralyzed the spider long enough for me to pull one long sweatsock over my right hand -- clear up to my elbow -- and wrap my fingers in enough toilet paper to ensure I would never feel the spider within my grips so that I could flush it.

You know that I was still scared during the night that the spider somehow would've survived, crawl out the toilet and attack me in my sleep. This morning I noticed a bite on the back of my thigh -- I figure it was from the spider as it was a couple of days old. I felt justified in murdering the little bastard because it had clearly attacked me first. *heavy sigh* The new panic this morning was the blood... since I had broken the skin scratching the spider bite and now I was going to have blood on my WHITE SHEETS?!? Oh, the panic.

I'm mostly not scared to use my toilet today... this is major progress, people.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

oooh, more etsy madness!

I can't wait to cast-on for this little guy:

etsy is evil

Oh, it's addictive... there's just too much STUFF there and I'm weak. I buy and buy and buy. Today I received some stitch markers and a lovely chain mail bracelet -- my wrists, unfortunately, are a little on the "bloated" side. I'm working on it. I can wear the bracelet but it's not a dangley as I like them to be, but that will be changing in the coming weeks...

A little retail therapy goes a long way, so I bought a couple of cute necklaces at Studio Bead (which is less a bead shop now and more a cheap jewelry store). Eh, they're cute.

I also have a job lead. Let's hope this one pans out. Or maybe not. Maybe something better will come along.

Oh shit, today's words: Barometric pressure changes make me sleepy

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

you can learn something new. every. day.

Or in a week.

I learned that if I don't eat food at home and forgo my daily swim, I can easily pack on five pounds in a week. Five. Ugly. Jiggly. Wiggly. Jello-ey pounds. And taking them off is going to be work.

I went for my first jog in about a lifetime today. It wasn't a jog so much as a walk, but I only stopped twice: once to check out the goslings (3) and the other time to investigate a rat/beaver that was swimming along the shoreline. And yet, my knees are swollen... I'm going to blame those 5 extra pounds.

If I say that someone "winked" at me on that site, will it totally give away the site I'm on (match)? Well, this guy was in Ft. Collins and he's 34, so we're making progress, people! I might have dates/dinner lined up pretty soon if I start my own winking campaign. I think I need help with my profile, though -- maybe I should take down the "realistic" photos -- the ones where I really look like me and put up another "glamour" shot. Hmmm. It just seems that the last time I did this I got more traffic so this 2nd time around feels a bit like a failure. Maybe I'm just being hypersensitive.

Today's words: A thick skin is good skin.

...and so it begins (again)

T urged me to sign up for online dating... again. I'm really doing this just to entertain her because I'm convinced that I'm meant to be alone and bitter, but whatev. I had to contact "" yesterday because I had signed up with them last year (at the urging of OTHER friends) and had a big huge issue with the billing... apparently the customer service woman who assisted me put a block on my account so I couldn't access it without contacting them directly. Le sigh.

Email sent, reply arrived with the news that due to the "technical error" on their end which resulted in my profile being taken down, they were going to give me a "complimentary" 15 days free "membership." I hope this doesn't bite me in the butt...

I got my first interested party last night -- just hours after updating my profile and making it active. It was a very typical, in my experience, interested party. Let's review. On my profile I state that I'm interested in
  • men
  • aged 30-40 (it's a 5 year ease on both sides of my current age... safe, no?)
  • within 50 miles of D-town
Those are the parameters.

Guy last night is a man (check) who lives in Albuquerque (strike 1), is 45 (strike 2) and because he's ex-military and religious (strikes 3 and YOUR OUT!) I dismissed him.

OK, I made a deal with myself that I wasn't going to be judgmental with this whole thing... that I'm basically going to do it for a laugh (for T to laugh) and for free dinner. I also decided that I need to aim for three free dinners a week... but considering this man lives a good five hour drive from me, I feel I'm being reasonable by discounting him on that point alone. It's the other three that I'm struggling with, because I think we could've had an interesting date -- one of those really awkward ones filled with miserable silence or raging arguments. Oh well... upward and onward.

ETA: what's going on with the paragraph spacing, Blogger? Weird.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

still tired...

Jailhouse knitting was great tonight! I managed to pick up an extra girl somewhere along the way... that means there's still a majority of crocheters, but now there are four committed to knit. Yay. They learned increasing and decreasing tonight and I got a very heartfelt thanks from two of the girls, so pretty much everything else annoying in my life right now doesn't much matter... not until tomorrow anyhow.

Today's words: my girls in jail kick butt

Monday, May 5, 2008

i am such a hypocrite!

Ha! I just remembered that I signed up for the "We say NO to videos on Flickr" group and what have I been doing? Yep, uploading videos. I suck.

leaky windows and lawsuits

So, the HOA is suing the builder (Wonderland Homes??) for poor workmanship on our overpriced townhouses... today was my interior inspection. I must say I had a fright the other morning when I came down the stairs and there were two men on my balcony (with a ladder propped up against it). In my sleepy state all I could think was, "DAYLIGHT HOME INVASION!!!" and then the fog cleared a bit and I remembered they were coming to scrape paint and stuff -- gather "evidence."

So, apparently the issues I have at my house are nothing compared to some of my unfortunate neighbors. Is this good news? I'll say yes. I'll also start thinking positive thoughts of a payout to come... maybe then I can get my stairs fixed. Grumble, grumble.

I'm still not working!!! Oh, how I hate this. You're supposed to do your Gap Year at age 18 or thereabouts... not at 35. I'm now regretting not even thinking about getting knocked up for my birthday last year -- 35 was the cutoff I set for myself, afterall... I just didn't think I'd have all this time to sit around eating for two. Let me clarify here, I AM eating for two, but I'm not pregnant. I'm trying to fill that void with cupcakes and you know what? It's working.

Today's words: Conclusion jumping, brain stumping, heart thumping

Sunday, May 4, 2008

keeping myself on the couch

...and not out shopping from the boredom. There's an informercial on TV about buying foreclosure property and the music is SOOO annoying. I am unable to change the channel, however and I think the cheesy C-rock sounding theme is growing on me. It's a constant loop of four bars.


I figured I could write about LA and how it was such a disappointing trip. I had high hopes at the outset:I really should've flown in on Friday night, but it didn't seem a good idea at the time. Whatevs. Saturday was a LONG day; Ian and I drank happy hour drinks and then went to dinner with Victoria and fam on Rodeo Drive. More drinks were drunk which just left me feeling less than human and horribly hungover for that long, hot drive out to Indio. On a side-note, at the first bar on Saturday night there was a girl who looked very familiar... like from High School familiar... and she was. Kind of. She was an actress who was on both Beverly Hills 90210 AND Melrose Place. She also had new(ish) boobs. They were massive. Oh, LA, you'll kill anyone's soul.

Sunday: long, long drive. 15-passenger van with three passengers. It was so wasteful... Bud Bundy was in the VIP area... as were some other "celebutards" like Kelly Osborne and Elijah Wood. I kept my shit together and didn't go all stupid fan-like. I also ran into Charlie the drummer from some silly tour I did a couple of years ago (I got kicked off the tour when the girlfriends banded together and decided they didn't want another girl on the bus... even though I'm not the girl any of them ever need to worry about). Whatev. I'm only a little bitter... time heals and all that garbage. Well, Charlie looked good and he seems to be doing well. He's in another band now -- I must remember to check them out. Another manager was there, who I should've begged for work from, but he was there on vacation with his new fiancee, so I kept the begging at bay. Anyhow, what I'm getting at is that the networking wasn't happening because the network was down. I couldn't really drink because I had to drive people to and from the hotel, which I didn't mind, but when I was chastised for telling the band I was hungover, that kind of ticked me off. Whatev. Bygones!

So yeah, it was a waste of a trip.

Temping is finished. Thank god, right?

The alpaca thing was good -- I was directed to the extended vendor area this year -- the one I totally missed last year. Here are some funny photos:

Saturday, May 3, 2008

tres-eo de mayo?

Just got back from Lors' birthday party... it was good times; we didn't stay til the bitter end, so I feel OK about it all. It was freezing outside, unfortunately and the little fire outside didn't help much. All good, it's before midnight and I'm home.

I also went to the Alpaca Extravaganza today -- I'll have to write about this later. I'm just too pooped to do anything tonight and I'm screening my 10 Minute Trainer video to decide whether or not it's worth keeping...

Today's words: I need to marry a teabag.

when pigs fly...

Coachella organizers are offering a $10K reward:

More later...

Friday, May 2, 2008

oh good grief!

I'm on the couch again. It's Friday night. Maybe I'll write about Coachella.

...maybe not.

Today is another one of those really down days. I honestly feel like I'll never work again... this year is horrible. I know that a year from now, I'll look back at this and think I was being so melodramatic, but right here, stuck in the middle of it (6 months unemployed) I feel like I'm in a hole I'll never get out of. I'm sick of crying myself to sleep and I'm scared to try to find a semi-real job... because it feels like giving up.

I'm going to make up t-shirts that say, "Angelique's 2008 Pity Party... were you there?" and in really tiny print, maybe at the bottom on the back... or even on the sleeve, it'll say, "I was."

I really want to get on Prozac because I just want to stop feeling miserable. I want to not let all this rejection get me down... but the problem with those types of things is that you need to wean yourself off them. I don't have the patience for that. I want to feel better now and then be able to stop when my external situation gives me some satisfaction.

A friend who is on a tour with a bunch of people I've worked with in the past emailed me today and told me that I need to get on the tour. If only I had a magic wand, but even then I'd still need a Genie with a magic lamp and some four-leaf clovers because hard work just doesn't pay, does it? I'm missing that "je ne sais quoi" and/or really great blow-job skills.

Today's words: One less week 'til the end.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

i've got the tired all over me

And it just won't wash off. I don't know what my problem is... it could be allergies. Blech. I need to stay awake for the new TV shows tonight, but it's going to be a struggle.

Words for yesterday: unemployment is my way of life

Words for today: Will being skinny make life better?