Wednesday, May 7, 2008

...and so it begins (again)

T urged me to sign up for online dating... again. I'm really doing this just to entertain her because I'm convinced that I'm meant to be alone and bitter, but whatev. I had to contact "" yesterday because I had signed up with them last year (at the urging of OTHER friends) and had a big huge issue with the billing... apparently the customer service woman who assisted me put a block on my account so I couldn't access it without contacting them directly. Le sigh.

Email sent, reply arrived with the news that due to the "technical error" on their end which resulted in my profile being taken down, they were going to give me a "complimentary" 15 days free "membership." I hope this doesn't bite me in the butt...

I got my first interested party last night -- just hours after updating my profile and making it active. It was a very typical, in my experience, interested party. Let's review. On my profile I state that I'm interested in
  • men
  • aged 30-40 (it's a 5 year ease on both sides of my current age... safe, no?)
  • within 50 miles of D-town
Those are the parameters.

Guy last night is a man (check) who lives in Albuquerque (strike 1), is 45 (strike 2) and because he's ex-military and religious (strikes 3 and YOUR OUT!) I dismissed him.

OK, I made a deal with myself that I wasn't going to be judgmental with this whole thing... that I'm basically going to do it for a laugh (for T to laugh) and for free dinner. I also decided that I need to aim for three free dinners a week... but considering this man lives a good five hour drive from me, I feel I'm being reasonable by discounting him on that point alone. It's the other three that I'm struggling with, because I think we could've had an interesting date -- one of those really awkward ones filled with miserable silence or raging arguments. Oh well... upward and onward.

ETA: what's going on with the paragraph spacing, Blogger? Weird.

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