Thursday, May 15, 2008



It's really heartbreaking seeing all the parents waiting for the bodies of their children to be pulled from fallen buildings... parents who only have one child to begin with and now possibly have none.

It just gets me thinking about how, if McCain gets elected (god forbid) that he'll appoint another conservative Supreme Court Justice and Rowe v. Wade will be overturned. China is the extreme case where State mandated abortions are the rule, which seems almost insane from a Western viewpoint. Yet... we're potentially going to take a giant step backwards and take the choice to do with our bodies what we want away -- State-prohibited abortions. When the Conservative Right is lobbying to declare "life at conception" does that make a woman who spontaneously aborts (i.e. miscarries) a murderer, albeit involuntary? Conversely, as "the Psychic" brought up last night, can you insure this "live being" in utero with a hefty life insurance policy? If the foetus dies, will we be able to claim a big payout?

It's interesting and frightening times these. I worry for the future of this Country.

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