Thursday, May 8, 2008

etsy is evil

Oh, it's addictive... there's just too much STUFF there and I'm weak. I buy and buy and buy. Today I received some stitch markers and a lovely chain mail bracelet -- my wrists, unfortunately, are a little on the "bloated" side. I'm working on it. I can wear the bracelet but it's not a dangley as I like them to be, but that will be changing in the coming weeks...

A little retail therapy goes a long way, so I bought a couple of cute necklaces at Studio Bead (which is less a bead shop now and more a cheap jewelry store). Eh, they're cute.

I also have a job lead. Let's hope this one pans out. Or maybe not. Maybe something better will come along.

Oh shit, today's words: Barometric pressure changes make me sleepy

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